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Ex India Marksman Tejas Krishna Prasad clears UPSC Exam

By Akanksha - April 17, 2024 08:10 PM

The COVID-19 outbreak halted many athletes' careers. However, Tejas Krishna Prasad, a shooter from Bengaluru and a likely candidate for the Tokyo Olympics, saw the interruption as an opportunity to further his aspirations of becoming a government servant. The marksman using an air rifle passed the Civil Services Exam on Tuesday, placing him in position 243.

Playing sports helped me maintain my concentration and pass the civil services exam on my second try.

My first option, IAS, is what I believe I will obtain based on last year's cutoff. Even throughout the interview, sports dominated the inquiries, according to Tejas. 'I was questioned about my shooting background and how to advance sports in India. Since reading sports autobiographies was one of my interests, the chairwoman inquired as to whether I had read Andre Agassi's autobiography, 'Open.' Then he asked me the three questions, and the answers, that I would ask Agassi if I encountered him on a train. That was a thought-provoking query.

'The interview lasted for approximately twenty-five minutes, but the panellists, led by Sheel Vardhan Singh, were friendly and nothing like what you saw in the film '12th Fail.' I didn't feel anxious before the interview. There were moments when I could not answer a question, but I just answered, 'I didn't know,' and they ignored me.'

Tejas, a CSE candidate who selected international relations and political science, claimed he wouldn't have passed the test if it hadn't been for the epidemic. Tejas is the son of retired businessman T Krishna Prasad and Shylaja. 'My mother used to inspire me to pursue a career in civil services when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. 'I wouldn't have taken a break if the competitions were still going on,' the man declared.

Inspired by Suhas' achievements

Tejas Krishna Prasad

Image Source: Twitter

After completing his BE at RV College and graduating from Sri Kumaran Public School, Tejas took up shooting as a pastime, motivated by his mother, an excise inspector and hobby shooter. 'I got started in 2014.' In 2016, I was part of the Junior India team. I was India's No. 4 by 2019 and I played for my nation at the World Cups in Beijing and Munich. My tenure in the leadership team spanned from 2018 to 2020.' Tejas stated that he had coaching from Rakesh Manpat.

'Of course,' Tejas replied when asked if he would carry on shooting while working as a public servant. We don't need a lot of time to prepare after a certain point. In around two to three hours, I'll locate that. A Paralympic badminton medal has been won by Suhas Yathiraj sir, an IAS officer from Bengaluru. When I spoke with him, he clearly said that I could accomplish it.

Who is Tejas Krishna Prasad?

At twelve, he took up a firearm for the first time. At sixteen, he fell in love with it. About four years ago, on the weekends, when his mother was pursuing her pastime, he had found amusement in the cruel machine. In the present, he competes as a shooter internationally, having competed for India in the Junior World Championships. Meet Tejas Krishna Prasad, a Bangalore native who has achieved recognition for both the nation and himself.

In the 2016 New Delhi National Championships (Junior), he won bronze. He finished in 11th place at the 2016 World Championship (Junior) in Azerbaijan and in 14th place at the 2016 Asian Championship (Junior) in Tehran, Iran.

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