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Elon Musk said EVM can be hacked through AI

By Ravi - June 16, 2024 12:41 PM

Elon Musk said EVM can be hacked through AI

The world's richest businessman Elon Musk has advised against conducting the US presidential election through electronic voting machines (EVMs). He wrote in a post on social media site X - Electronic voting machines should be abolished. There is a risk of it being hacked by humans or AI, although this risk is low, but still very high.

Musk said this by retweeting a post by US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Kennedy Jr. had told about the irregularities related to EVM in the elections of Puerto Rico through a post.

Kennedy had written in the post - 'Many irregularities were revealed during voting with EVM in the primary election of Puerto Rico. Fortunately it was a paper trail, so the problem was identified and the counting of votes was corrected. Imagine what would happen in those areas where there is no paper trail?

It is necessary for American citizens to know that each of their votes has been counted. No tampering can be done in their elections. They will have to return to paper ballots to avoid electronic interference in elections.

Presidential elections will be held in November in the US. In this, President Joe Biden from the Democratic Party and former President Donald Trump from the Republican Party are considered to be the candidates.

On the other hand, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi reposted Elon Musk's post and wrote - EVM in India is like a black box. No one is allowed to investigate it. Serious concerns are being expressed about transparency in our electoral process. When there is a lack of accountability in institutions, democracy becomes a sham and becomes a victim of fraud.

This matter also reached the Supreme Court of India.

In April this year, a hearing was held in the Supreme Court on the demand for 100% cross-checking of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) votes and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) slips. However, the petitions related to this demand were rejected in the Supreme Court. Apart from this, people associated with many political parties have been raising questions on EVM.

Many companies including Google and Microsoft launched AI platforms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has impacted many aspects of our lives. AI is being used for many purposes such as medicine, creating images or videos, assembling cars, etc. Many companies including Google and Microsoft have launched their AI platforms.

Government can bring Digital India Bill regarding AI

The Modi government is going to introduce the Digital India Bill to ban deepfake videos and content generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to media reports, this bill will discuss the better use and methods of AI technology. According to sources, the government will also try to get the support of opposition parties for this bill.

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