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Best Travel Packages for Indians to the Olympics 2024

By Akanksha - June 21, 2024 01:16 AM

As Paris prepares for the 33rd Summer Olympic Games, which will be held from July 26 to August 11, the activities are expected to bring almost 10,500 Olympic competitors and maybe millions of supporters.

Opening Ceremony

For the first time, the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympics will take place outside of a stadium, and the city is allowing the public to cheer on the delegates as they ride in a flotilla of boats down a nearly 4-mile stretch of the River Seine. Tickets will be sold for sitting on the lower banks and other places, but the general public can watch from the upper banks for free.

How to purchase tickets?

It may be difficult to get tickets for the Olympic activities this year. How to obtain them is as follows:

  • Official Website: Your main resource for buying tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympics will be the official website. Be careful to sign up for updates and pay attention to what they announce.
  • Recognised Resellers of Tickets: Look for approved resellers who could have more tickets available.
  • Olympic Packages: A few travel companies provide packages that include airfare, lodging, and event tickets.

Official Website

Booking Flights and Accommodation

Paris, France is the main host city for the festivities. However, activities are dispersed around the area, which is crucial to consider when organising and scheduling your vacation.

Best Times to Book Flights

When it comes to making travel plans, time is crucial. Six to eight months before to the Olympics is usually the optimum time to book your flights to Paris. You may take advantage of the affordable pricing within this time before they increase significantly closer to the event. To get informed when rates decrease, set up fare alerts on travel websites like Skyscanner or Google Flights.

Recommended Accommodations

There are many different lodging options in Paris to fit any budget:

  • Luxurious Hotels: For an opulent experience, think about booking a room at renowned establishments like Le Meurice or The Ritz Paris.
  • Mid-Range Hotels: Without going over budget, boutique hotels like Hotel La Comtesse and Hôtel Fabric provide comfort and flair.
  • Options for a Low Budget: Check into hostels or inexpensive hotels like Ibis Budget Paris La Villette or Generator Paris.
  • Other Places to Stay: If you want a more distinctive, local experience or would rather stay somewhere that feels more like home, Airbnb or VRBO are excellent choices.

Advantages of Using an eSIM in Paris

Fans, players, and team personnel will travel from all over the world to watch or take part in the games. Therefore, for many people who want to attend the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, having a dependable Internet connection is essential.

Make sure you order your eSIM for France from GigSky before you leave! Plans are available in different sizes so you may tailor your data plan to your travel schedule.

Using an eSIM France data package provides various benefits for travellers:

  • Convenient for Travellers: You can easily manage and switch between several plans without having to replace real SIM cards. This is great for avoiding hefty international roaming charges and ensuring a consistent Internet connection wherever you travel.
  • Enhanced Security: Your eSIM profile is encrypted within your device, lowering the possibility of theft or loss of a physical SIM. Never have to worry about keeping or ruining an actual eSIM.
  • Multiple profiles: Within a single app, you can manage personal and commercial profiles, as well as create specific eSIMs for multiple countries. With only a few touches on your phone, you can easily manage your plans.

How to purchase and activate an eSIM?

Compared to traditional SIM cards and certain eSIM providers, GigSky eSIMs are simple to purchase, install, and activate. Though you may believe you just require a Paris eSIM, a France eSIM or Europe eSIM will serve you better because it provides flexibility and convenience of use without the need to worry about straying out of service zones.

To acquire your eSIM plan before attending the Olympic Games, complete the procedures below:

  • Device Compatibility: Make sure your device is eSIM compatible and carrier unlocked. This is a critical step; do not skip it!
  • Buy an eSIM Plan: Choose an eSIM plan via the GigSky website or app.
  • Activate your eSIM:
    • Using QR Codes: To activate your plan, simply scan the attached QR code.
    • Activation Code: Enter the activation code manually if necessary.

Top Tourist Places to Visit

Of course, you are unlikely to attend only Olympic Games events while in Paris. Thus, this is a fantastic time to experience some of the City of Light's most prominent attractions:

  • Eiffel Tower: Visiting this renowned site is a must-do when travelling to Paris. For the greatest pictures of the monument, make sure to visit the Place du Trocadero viewpoint.
  • Louvre Museum: This museum is a must-see; it is home to hundreds of pieces of art, including the well-known Mona Lisa. If you want to visit this painting, make reservations in advance since in the summer, lines may get very lengthy.
  • Palace of Versailles: See the Hall of Mirrors and its vast gardens at the fabled Palace of Versailles by taking a quick train excursion outside of the city.
  • Montmartre: Take a stroll around Montmartre, a neighbourhood rich in creative heritage. At the base of the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre, go to the summit for breathtaking views of Paris.

Tips for Safety and Health

  • Stay Aware: Pay close attention to your possessions, particularly in busy areas.
  • Health Measures: Carry necessary drugs and be aware of the whereabouts of the closest medical services.
  • Make a Plan for the Worst: Make sure your passport and ID are copies of each other. Find out the address of the closest embassy of your nation in Paris as well, just in case.

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