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Baghpat Chaat fight full video, Watch the iconic UP street fight

By Kaif - February 25, 2024 11:52 AM

Baghpat famous battle: You must remember the chaat war that took place in Baghpat, UP, when there was fierce kicking, punching and sticks on the road between two shopkeepers selling chaat. At that time, the video of this war had gone viral on social media, people had a lot of fun watching it. Even after so much time, people have not been able to forget this incident. On completion of three years of this incident, once again funny memes related to Baghpat Chaat war are going viral on social media, seeing which everyone's memories have been refreshed and people are rolling in laughter.

Watch the iconic UP street fight

The 'Baghpat Chaat War' took place between two chaat vendors on February 22, 2021, i.e. three years ago. This fight took such a form that the shopkeepers of the entire market started kicking, punching and hitting each other with sticks. Even today, the video of this fight continues to go viral on social media. There was also a lot of discussion about the uncle who had a hairstyle like Einstein. Now, on completion of three years of this incident, many memes related to it are going viral on social media, which are making people laugh a lot.

Baghpat Chaat fight full video

People are having a lot of fun sharing the video of this incident on social media. Watching these videos will refresh your memories. Shopkeepers of two chaat carts in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh had fought over customers. In the clip, 'Einstein Chacha' can be seen in a green kurta. He is wielding the stick even while lying on the ground. It is really difficult to stop laughing after watching these videos.

Why Baghpat Chaat fight happen?

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It is known that there were two chaat shops in Baraut Kotwali area. There was an altercation between the two shopkeepers over the issue of calling customers. Within a few minutes the altercation escalated into violence. Some people were injured in this fight. Later the police called everyone to the police station and resolved the matter. However, after the video surfaced on social media, Harendra, who played the main character in the fight, became a topic of discussion overnight, which is discussed a lot even today. Loh calls him uncle with Einstein hairstyle

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