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All you need to know about Angkor Wat the 8th Wonder of the World

By Akanksha - November 29, 2023 05:12 PM

Angkor Wat is well known for its elaborate bas-reliefs and magnificent architectural architecture. A sacred mountain in Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu cosmologies, the mythological Mount Meru is represented by the central tower of Angkor Wat.

Situated in the centre of Cambodia, Angkor Wat has eclipsed Pompeii in Italy to claim the title of eighth Wonder of the World. For the uninitiated, notable new constructions, initiatives, or designs are granted the informal title of Eighth Wonder. With this accomplishment, Angkor Wat has taken the place of the ancient Italian site of Pompeii, marking a dramatic change in historical significance.


Angkor Wat the 8th Wonder of the World

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Constructed in the 12th century by King Suryavarman II, Angkor Wat was once a Hindu temple devoted to Vishnu before becoming a Buddhist shrine. Its walls are covered in elaborate sculptures that narrate tales from Buddhist and Hindu mythology.

This enormous structure required a large staff to build, and it took around 30 years to finish. The enormous temple complex known as Angkor Wat is situated in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


The temple is well known for its elaborate bas-reliefs and gorgeous architectural style. A sacred mountain in Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu cosmologies, the mythological Mount Meru is represented by the central tower of Angkor Wat. The design of the temple represents the Hindu conception of the universe.

The middle area of Angkor Wat is renowned for its expansive moat and well-balanced architecture. Its wall carvings, which depict scenes from Hindu legends, historical occurrences, and everyday life in the Khmer area, are reminiscent of an old picture book. The meticulous attention to detail demonstrates the mastery of the craftspeople behind this enormous endeavour.

When will Angkor Wat become the 8th Wonder of the World?

As of right now, the eighth Wonder of the World is Angkor Wat, located in the centre of Cambodia, surpassing Pompeii in Italy. The accomplishment is far more significant than the many tourists that Pompeii receives each year.

For those who are unaware, new construction projects, designs, and other endeavours are sometimes referred to as the "Eighth Wonder of the World." This location has taken the place of Pompeii in Italy.

How Angkor Wat became the 8th Wonders of the World

Angkor Wat Beauty

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Beyond its remarkable architectural style, Angkor Wat holds great cultural and spiritual importance. Buddhist monks and followers gather there for prayer and meditation; it's a bustling site of worship. Observing the dawn above Angkor Wat's towers, which produces a breathtaking scene with hues of pink, orange, and gold, is the highlight of the entire trip.

Beyond its aesthetic value, Angkor Wat invites visitors to understand the country's rich history and the blend of Buddhist and Hindu cultures. A sizable moat that symbolizes the cosmic ocean encircles the temple. Detailed sculptures of Hindu epics, everyday scenes, and heavenly entities cover the outside walls of Angkor Wat.

The Heritage

It was once devoted to the Hindu deity Vishnu before becoming a prominent Buddhist shrine. Five lotus-shaped towers that exhibit symmetry and symbolize a sacred mountain in Buddhist and Hindu traditions are located in the centre of the temple. Its walls are adorned with intricate sculptures that tell historical Hindu and Buddhist tales.

Alignment with Solar Incidences

Astronomical occurrences are said to be aligned with Angkor Wat. Given that the West is connected to death in In Hindu mythology, the temple's westward direction is thought to be tied to its devotion to Vishnu. Furthermore, according to some academics, the temple's layout is planned to coincide with solar occurrences like equinoxes.

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