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5 Most expensive Indian weddings

By Kaif - March 01, 2024 04:04 PM

In India, weddings are considered a status symbol. Even though we don't spend that much on anything else, we don't know how much is spent on marriage. Every person tries to spend more than his bank balance and sometimes people even take loans for this.

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's pre-wedding celebrations are beginning this week in Jamnagar, a city in the western Indian state of Gujarat. Big stars like pop star Rihanna, Punjabi singer Diljit will perform in this wedding.

But do you know what kind of expensive weddings take place in India? If you are asked who spent the most on a wedding in India, what would be your answer? In this article we will tell you about 5 most expensive Indian weddings.

5 Most expensive Indian weddings

Rank Weddings Expense (crores)
1 Isha Ambani And Anand Piramal 700+
2 Subrata Roy's two sons 550+
3 Brahmani and Rajeev Reddy 550
4 Srishti Mittal and Gulraj Bahl 520+
5 Vanisha Mittal And Amit Bhatia 500+

5. Vanisha Mittal And Amit Bhatia - 500+ crores

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Steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal's daughter, Vanisha Mittal married Amit Bhatia in a lavish ceremony in 2004. Their engagement ceremony was held at the Palace of Versailles in Paris, while their lavish wedding took place at the Chateau Vaux le Vicomte near Paris. Some of the highlights of their wedding included a performance by actress Kylie Minogue and a fireworks display over the Eiffel Tower! His wedding cost around Rs 500 crores! However, the couple parted ways in 2013.

4. Srishti Mittal and Gulraj Bahl - 520+ crores

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Around Rs 520 crores+ was spent on the wedding of Srishti Mittal and Gulraj Bahl. Srishti Mittal, niece of Lakshmi Niwas Mittal, known as Steel King, was married to investment banker Gulraj Bahl. This marriage took place in Barcelona, Spain in 2013. There were 500 guests in this wedding, but they also had to sign a confidential agreement in which it was written that no details of the wedding should be leaked. However, even after that many details of the wedding were leaked.

Major expenditure – 200 chefs, butlers and assistants were called from India and Thailand to Spain. The couple had cut a 60 kg cake. This was one of the most expensive weddings ever.

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3. Brahmani and Rajeev Reddy - 550 crores

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Around Rs 550 crores+ was spent on the wedding of Brahmani and Rajeev Reddy. So much was spent on this wedding, which took place after demonetization in 2016, that this wedding was the center of discussion for many days. The wedding of Rajiv Reddy, son of mining tycoon Janardhan Reddy, and Brahmani was a living example of a big-fat Indian wedding. You can imagine the grandeur of this wedding from the fact that more than 50 thousand guests were invited and the wedding card was with an LCD screen.

Major expense – Wedding cards with LCD screen cards were sent which also included choreography. These cards also contained a silver Ganesh idol. In the wedding ceremony, Brahmani wore a saree worth Rs 17 crore and jewelery worth Rs 89 crore. The welcome of 50 thousand guests was very good.

2. Sushanto Roy and Richa Ahuja - Simanto Roy and Chandni Toor (Double Wedding) - 550+ crores

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More than Rs 550 crore was spent on the marriage of Subrata Roy's two sons. The wedding of Sushanto Roy and Seemanto Roy, both sons of Sahara chief Subroto Roy, was held together and Sahara Township Lucknow was decorated like palaces. This wedding took place in 2004 and if it had happened now, it would have been the most expensive wedding in India. According to 2004, Subroto Roy had spent a lot on this wedding and even the planes brought to transport the guests had golden napkins.

Major expense- Live performance of the British Symphony Orchestra. There was a dance performance by Indian choreographer Shamak Dawar. More than 100 dishes were prepared and served not only to 11,000 guests but also to 1.5 lakh homeless people. Along with this, the Roy family also got 101 poor girls married.

1. Isha Ambani And Anand Piramal - 700+ crores

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India's most expensive wedding: Around Rs 700 crores was spent on the wedding of Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal. If we talk about India's most expensive wedding, then Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal's wedding will definitely be included in it. Beyoncé's private concert and first engagement party took place in Lake Como, Italy. The palace in Udaipur was booked for the sangeet party and the wedding took place in Antilia.

Important expenses- Beyoncé's private concert, 100 chartered planes in which Hillary Clinton, Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra etc. came. Donating food to 5100 people etc. was a huge function. Even gold coins were given along with Isha Ambani's wedding card.

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