Will a batsman get 12 runs if he hits a six of 100 meters in cricket?

By Vipin - 2024-01-21 12:50:57
Will a batsman get 12 runs if he hits a six of 100 meters in cricket?

Former England captain Kevin Pietersen has once again put forward the point that if the batsman has hit a six 100 or more meters away, he should get more than 6 runs. Indian team captain Rohit Sharma has also given such an argument. He had said that to make cricket interesting, ICC should implement such rules that if a batsman hits a six of 100 meters, he should get 10 runs. Now Kevin Pietersen has given a similar statement and said that the batsman should get 12 runs for that six.


New rules are being implemented in cricket every day. Not in international cricket, but in league cricket, new rules have made the game interesting. In this series, Kevin Pietersen has now written in an ex-post that the rule is about to come, when the batsman will get 12 runs for a six of 100 meters. He wrote, "Two years ago I had said in the commentary that I think if a batsman hits a six longer than 100 metres, he should get 12 runs. That rule is about to come now." However, no cricket body has done anything like this yet.

Is there a new rule coming

Anyway, a 100 meter long six is usually seen in T20 cricket only. However, it is not that such long sixes are hit every day. Even in a league like IPL, hardly a dozen sixes would be 100 meters or more long in the entire season. It would not be wrong if 12 runs are given to encourage batsmen of those sixes and that kind of image, because now in every big match we know the distance of sixes, because technology has advanced a lot. This could not have happened in earlier times, but now such rules are possible.

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