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Which Bowler Has Most Wickets? Top 10 Most Wicket Takers in The T20

By Akanksha - June 29, 2023 - Last updated on Jun 29, 2023 10:53 PM
Which Bowler Has Most Wickets? Top 10 Most Wicket Takers  in The T20

In the fast-paced world of T20 cricket, bowlers play a crucial role in deciding the outcome of matches. Their ability to take wickets can turn the tide in favor of their team, making them indispensable assets. In this blog, we will delve into the statistics and accomplishments of the top 10 wicket-taking bowlers in T20 cricket, analyzing their performances, key moments, and contributions to the game.

Player Span Mat Runs Wkts Balls
Shakib Al Hasan 2006-2023 115 2827 136 2493
TG Southee 2008-2022 107 3179 134 2335
Rashid Khan 2015-2023 80 1882 129 1826
ISH Sodhi 2014-2023 98 2701 118 2035
SL Malinga 2006-2020 84 2225 107 1799
Shadab Khan 2017-2023 92 2301 104 1951
Mustafizur Rahman 2015-2023 83 2233 100 1774
Shahid Afridi 2006-2018 99 2396 98 2168
CJ Jordan 2014-2023 87 2623 96 1804
AU Rashid 2009-2023 95 2454 95 1988

1. Shakib Al Hasan - A Bangladeshi Maestro

Shakib Al Hasan

Image Source: Twitter

At the top of the list stands Shakib Al Hasan, the charismatic all-rounder from Bangladesh. With an impressive tally of 136 wickets, Shakib's career in T20 cricket spans an incredible 17 years. His consistent performances have made him a force to be reckoned with, and his spell of 5/20 is testament to his skill and accuracy. Bowling with a frugal economy rate of 6.80, Shakib has been a game-changer for Bangladesh, making him a beloved figure in the cricketing world.

2. TG Southee - The Kiwi Speedster

TG Southee

Image Source: Twitter

New Zealand's Tim Southee takes the second spot on this illustrious list with 134 wickets. Known for his swing and ability to extract movement from any surface, Southee has been a consistent performer in the T20 format. His lethal spells, including a remarkable 5/18, have propelled New Zealand to many victories. With an economy rate of 8.16, Southee's aggression and control make him a formidable opponent for any batsman.

3. Rashid Khan - Afghanistan's Rising Star

 Rashid Khan

Image Source: Twitter

Representing Afghanistan and ICC, Rashid Khan has taken the cricketing world by storm with his remarkable leg-spin. His impressive figures of 129 wickets and an astonishing average of 14.58 speak volumes about his skill and impact on the game. Rashid's 5/3, the best figures in his career, showcased his ability to dismantle opposition batting line-ups with ease. At just 23 years of age, he is a future legend in the making.

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4. ISH Sodhi - New Zealand's Spin Wizard

IS Sodhi

Image Source: Twitter

Ish Sodhi, the talented leg-spinner from New Zealand, occupies the fourth position on the list with 118 wickets. Known for his deceptive googlies and flighted deliveries, Sodhi has been a consistent wicket-taker for his team. His best figures of 4/28 underscore his ability to break partnerships and create pressure on batsmen. Sodhi's economy rate of 7.96 highlights his control and ability to contain runs.

5. SL Malinga - The Slinger's Legacy

Lasith Malinga

Image Source: Twitter

No list of top bowlers would be complete without the mention of Lasith Malinga, the Sri Lankan maestro. Known for his unorthodox slinging action and pinpoint yorkers, Malinga terrorized batsmen throughout his career. With 107 wickets to his name, Malinga's lethal spells, including a remarkable 5/6, played a pivotal role in Sri Lanka's success. His economy rate of 7.42 showcases his ability to restrict the scoring rate even in the shortest format.

6. Shadab Khan - Pakistan's Spin Sensation

Shadab Khan

Image Source: Twitter

Pakistan's Shadab Khan has established himself as one of the premier spinners in T20 cricket, claiming 104 wickets. Shadab's excellent control, variations, and a career-best of 4/8 have troubled numerous batsmen. His ability to consistently perform in high-pressure situations has made him an invaluable asset for Pakistan. With an economy rate of 7.07, he has been a key component in stifling opposition batsmen.

7. Mustafizur Rahman - The Fizz from Bangladesh

Mustafizur Rahman

Image Source: Twitter

Another Bangladeshi talent, Mustafizur Rahman, has made his mark in T20 cricket with 100 wickets. Known for his ability to bowl deceptive slower deliveries and pinpoint yorkers, Mustafizur has consistently troubled batsmen. His best figures of 5/22 demonstrate his ability to dismantle batting line-ups. With an economy rate of 7.55, he has proved to be a game-changer for Bangladesh.

8. Shahid Afridi - The Unpredictable Phenomenon

Shahid Afridi

Image Source: Twitter

Shahid Afridi, the mercurial all-rounder from Pakistan, has enthralled fans around the world. With 98 wickets, Afridi's leg-spin and aggressive batting have left a lasting impact on T20 cricket. Known for his explosive style of play, his best figures of 4/11 showcased his ability to turn the game in favor of his team. Afridi's unique skills and charismatic personality have made him a fan favorite throughout his career.

9. CJ Jordan - England's Reliable Performer

CJ Jordan

Image Source: Twitter

England's Chris Jordan has proven to be a consistent wicket-taker, accumulating 96 scalps in T20 cricket. Jordan's ability to generate pace and extract bounce from the pitch has troubled many batsmen. His best figures of 4/6 exemplify his skill in restricting the opposition's scoring rate. With an economy rate of 8.72, Jordan has been an integral part of England's success in the T20 format.

10. AU Rashid - England's Spin Wizard

Adil Usman Rashid

Image Source: Twitter

Completing the list is Adil Rashid, England's spin wizard, with 95 wickets. Rashid's variations, accuracy, and excellent control have made him a potent force in the bowling attack. His best figures of 4/2 showcase his ability to stifle opposition batsmen. With an economy rate of 7.40, Rashid's ability to deceive batsmen with his leg-spin has earned him accolades worldwide.


These top 10 wicket-taking bowlers in T20 cricket have not only achieved remarkable personal milestones but have also left an indelible mark on the game. Their exceptional performances, crucial wickets, and ability to turn matches on their head have made them legends of the format. As T20 cricket continues to evolve, these bowlers will inspire future generations, highlighting the artistry and skill involved in taking wickets in the shortest format of the game.

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