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5 Biggest Controversies in ICC World Cup history

By Ravi - September 19, 2023 - Last updated on Sep 19, 2023 07:31 PM
5 Biggest Controversies in ICC World Cup history

5 Biggest Controversies in ICC World Cup history

The ODI World Cup 2023 is scheduled to start from October 5 to be hosted by India and the final match will be played on November 19. The Indian team led by Rohit Sharma will try to win the ODI World Cup title after 12 years. This tournament is to be organized in Team India, seeing that India is being considered a strong contender for the title.

Fans are eagerly waiting for this big cricket tournament, because in this tournament, not only the players are seen making and breaking many records, but many controversies also make headlines among the spectators.

World Cup history has also seen many such controversies, which are impossible to forget. Let us take a look at the 5 biggest controversies of the World Cup through this article.

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1. When Shane Warne Was Banned (2003)

Shane Warne

Of the year 2003 ODI World Cup. When former Australian leg spinner Shane Warne was banned for one year. Just before the World Cup, Shane Warne tested positive for a banned substance called diuretic and was sent back to South Africa.

Let us tell you that Warne was in great form at that time and the Kangaroo team suffered a big blow after his sudden exit from the tournament. Despite this, the Kangaroo team did not give up and won the World Cup title.

2. When Pakistan Coach Bob Woolmer Died (2007)

Bob Woolmer

During the World Cup 2007, Pakistan had lost in the match played between Pakistan and Ireland and its World Cup journey ended here. Meanwhile, Pakistan had suffered another big blow. Coach Bob Woolmer was killed. Regarding his death, it was believed that someone had murdered him, but later after 3 months, after a thorough investigation, the police said that the coach was murdered due to natural causes.

3. When fans set fire to seats at the Eden Garden ground (1996)

fire to seats

Semifinal match of 1996 World Cup. India faced Sri Lanka in this match. The Indian team's innings seemed to be faltering. Great cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was at the crease, but he too was out after scoring 65 runs.

34 overs of India's innings had passed and the team had lost 8 wickets. Meanwhile, during the match, the spectators lost their temper and started throwing bottles. This matter did not stop here, the fans even set fire to the seats in anger. The match was stopped before it could be completed and Sri Lanka became the winner of the match.

4. When Rain Became the Villain for South Africa (1992)

South Africa faced England

Semi-final match of the 1992 World Cup. When South Africa faced England. In this match, South Africa needed 22 runs to win in 13 balls. Everyone felt that South Africa would win this match and get a ticket to the final, but rain came in the middle of the match and the match was stopped. After the rain stopped, the new target was 22 runs on 7 balls and finally as per the rules, the target was 22 runs on 1 ball. In such a situation, this rule was condemned, but South Africa had to face defeat.

5. Vice Captaincy Snatched From Andrew Flintoff (2007)

Andrew Flintoff (2007)

During the 2007 World Cup, Andrew Flintoff was stripped of his vice-captaincy. He had ridden a paddle boat under the influence of alcohol and there was a lot of controversy after seeing him in an imbalanced condition. However, he later regained consciousness and realized his mistake, but by then he was stripped of the vice-captaincy.

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