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Why is high security number plate necessary, How to apply

By Ravi - May 14, 2024 06:23 PM

Why is high security number plate necessary, How to apply

High security number plates have been made mandatory on vehicles in many states of India. But some people still use normal number plates instead of such plates. If you also want to install high security number plate on your car, then how and at what price can it be purchased. We are giving you this information in this news.

What is High Security Number Plate?

It has become mandatory to install High Security Number Plate on vehicles. It is usually made from aluminum and has the Ashoka Chakra in blue color and chrome based chromium hologram on the plate. This plate has a 10 digit permanent identification number at the bottom. India is also written in English in it.

What are the benefits of High Security Number Plate?

hsrp number plate

There are many benefits of high security number plate. This plate is not easy to tamper with compared to normal number plates. This plate has a non-removable snap on lock, which cannot be reused. This plate is issued only when the vehicle owner provides information about the vehicle's engine number, chassis number, etc. The same type of font is used on this type of plate.

What is the fee for high security number plate?

The fees for high security number plate varies from state to state. Apart from this, separate fees have to be paid for two wheeler and four wheeler vehicles also. But in many places Rs 300 to Rs 700 are charged for this.

How to apply High Security Number Plate

hsrp number plate

If you also need a high security number plate for your car, then you can get information about the number plate according to your vehicle by visiting the official website of your state's transport department. Application for high security number plate can also be made on the websites of many states, for which some important information related to the vehicle and owner has to be given.

How much is the fine for high security number plate?

If a vehicle has a damaged number plate, fancy number plate is used or the number plate is not fitted then there is a violation of Motor Vehicles Act 50,51 CMVR/39/192. On which challan is issued by the traffic police. For doing this for the first time, a challan of Rs 5,000 can be issued and for doing so again and again, a challan of up to Rs 10,000 can be issued.

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