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What is All Eyes on Rafah?: Why is there a buzz on social media?

By Ravi - May 29, 2024 03:02 PM

What is All Eyes on Rafah?: Why is there a buzz on social media?

All Eyes on Rafa is being seen on every social media post. Why is this post being shared and what does it mean? If you are also unaware of this, then we have brought all the important information related to it for you. Let us know what is the meaning of this post and why people are posting it.

all eyes on rafah

The All Eyes on Rafah post is rapidly going viral on social media platforms. Users are sharing it on Instagram and Facebook by posting it on stories and posts. Along with this, many celebrities are also involved in this campaign. Do you know what is the meaning of this viral post? If not, then we have brought the details related to this post for you. Here we are telling you the meaning of 'All Eyes on Rafa' and the story behind it in detail.

What is All Eyes on Rafah?

all eyes on rafah  tg
  • 'All Eyes on Rafah' is a campaign that is drawing the attention of people around the world to the ongoing attack by Israeli soldiers in Gaza city.

  • The soldiers are carrying out ground attacks in Gaza, which have killed thousands of people. The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has once again brought it to the attention of people around the world.

  • Amid rising tensions and a ground attack by Israeli soldiers in the densely populated city of Rafah, a grassroots campaign with the slogan 'All Eyes on Rafah' has gained significant momentum around the world.

What does All Eyes on Rafah mean?

  • Before knowing about it, you should know who started it. The campaign was started with a statement by Dr. Rick Pepperkorn, director of the World Health Organization Palestine office. He said in February 2024 that all eyes are on Rafah.

  • This was the time when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered an evacuation plan for the city. It was ahead of planned attacks to eliminate the last remaining strongholds of the terrorist group Hamas.

  • The phrase was intended to tell the international community not to turn a blind eye to the situation in Rafah, where an estimated 1.4 million people have taken refuge after escaping violent clashes elsewhere in Gaza.

Condemnation of Israel

all eyes on rafah
  • Due to this incident, leaders around the world including President Biden have criticized Israel for the attacks on Rafah.

  • Along with this, he has also made it clear that America will give weapons to Israel for security, but it will not supply the weapons used in the attacks on Rafah.

  • Along with this, the International Criminal Court also said that it wants an arrest warrant for Hamas and Israeli officials including Netanyahu for war crimes.

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