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Top 8 best offbeat places to visit in Himachal

By Akanksha - April 30, 2024 07:45 AM

Are you a wanderer who constantly chooses to go down uncharted paths because you have an explorer inside of you who yearns for mystery? So grab a seat, and let's head for the hill towns that will become your home.

One of the most popular vacation spots in North India, Himachal Pradesh, has a lot of unusual sites to visit, which we have managed to compile into this list. These are a veritable gold mine of natural riches, endowed with awe-inspiring splendour that provides unforgettable experiences.

When visitors are hurriedly arriving, it is practically hard to experience the essence of the place—they have only come to complain and yell. And Himachal Pradesh's unconventional travel spots are unspoiled, pure nirvana in disguise.

There are some intriguing possibilities available to you if you're one of the people who wants to see undiscovered locations in India. With your loved ones, these less-frequented locations in Himachal Pradesh provide you with the opportunity to enjoy tranquil and unforgettable vacations:

Top 8 best offbeat places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

1. Fagu


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Best time to visit Fagu: October to April

You may move closer to nature with the help of Fagu. You can't go too quickly since every step you take will entice you to stop in your tracks with its breathtaking beauty. This charming hill village is surrounded by terraced fields, deep woods, apple orchards, and animal sounds.

The greatest tourist destinations are close to Fagu, and these include Shimla, Kufri, Mashobra, Naldehra, and Narkanda. This is the ideal spot for those who, like most people, would want to do nothing but unwind and take in the natural beauty of the area.

2. Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley

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Best time to visit Tirthan Valley: March to June

Backpackers' cravings are satiated by the babbles and glints of the Tirthan River in Tirthan Valley, where greenery outshines other hues. Experience the ultimate in aliveness with hikers and nature lovers in this breathtaking valley in Himachal Pradesh. Therefore, you will undoubtedly discover your tiny spot around, whether you are seeking action or tranquillity.

The finest things to do in the Tirthan Valley include hiking, river rafting, rappelling, and trout fishing, among other things. The top destinations in Tirthan Valley where you will be enthralled include the Great Himalayan National Park, Mandi Seraj Valley, Tirthan River, Chanini and Bago Kothi, Serolsar Lake, and Jalori Pass.

3. Barot


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Best time to visit Barot: November to June

Barot is a small hamlet in the Mandi district that is situated in the Himalayan foothills. Hikers, backpackers, and lovers of the outdoors come here. From Joginder Nagar, you may take a tram ride to experience some excitement, and an enthralling view, and to shorten the route to 12 km. A tramway ride is another name for the tram trip. People have been drawn to the remnants of Mandi's king in Barot from the dawn of time.

It serves as an entrance to the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary, where black bears, monals, and ghoral reside. Camping, hiking, and fishing are a few of the well-liked activities available in this community.

4. Kalpa


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Best time to visit Kalpa: April to June and September to October

Situated 7 kilometres above Reckong Peo in the Kinnaur district, picturesque Kalpa Village is situated in the Satluj River Valley. situated in a breathtaking area with a wonderful view of Lord Shiva's winter residence, Kinner Kailash. Kalpa is mostly recognised for its apples, breathtaking scenery, and tranquil surroundings. In addition to its ardent adherents of Buddhism and Hinduism, this community is known for its well-educated populace.

The hamlet of Kalpa is home to several magnificent temples. Suicide Point, Naga Temple, and Kamru Fort are Kalpa's main draws. For those who venture outside the norm, a trip to Kalpa is wonderful and rejuvenating.

5. Bir Billing

Bir Billing

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Best time to visit Bir Billing: March to May and late September to November

The town of Bir is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, a short distance from Kangra. This ecotourism destination encourages meditation and spirituality. It's the ideal haven for anyone seeking tranquillity and a fantastic escape from the bustle of big cities.

Tibetans make up the bulk of the people living in this tranquil and laid-back town, as shown by the numerous dazzling monasteries and stupas strewn around. While there is plenty to treasure about the town, paragliding takes centre stage for its breathtaking aerial perspective of Bir Billing, which is certain to make your heart sing.

6. Kaza


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Best time to visit Kaza: May to October

Kaza is the subdivisional headquarters of the Spiti Valley and is situated in the picturesque Lahaul and Spiti Valley. This town reminds me of the rocky, craggy, and incredibly attractive scenery seen in Tibet and Ladakh. Sakya Tangyud Monastery and the La Darcha Festival are two other well-known attractions.

The town's central position and proximity to amazing tourist destinations make it an ideal base camp for those who enjoy hiking and mountaineering. Kai Monastery, Komik Village, Sakya Kaza Monastery, Kibber Village, Dhankar Lake, and Dhankar Monastery are some of Kaza's main tourist destinations. For those who like to spend their holiday away from the crowds and in the embrace of mother nature, this unusual Himachal Pradesh resort is a veritable paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

7. Chitkul


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Best time to visit Chitkul: March to June and September to October

Chitkul is the last inhabited settlement before the Indo-Tibetan border, and it is situated in the Sangla Valley, surrounded by the Baspa River. Chitkul, surrounded by the majestic Himalayan mountains, is endowed with breathtaking scenery and captivating beauty. Offbeat travellers are drawn to Chitkul because it is a less-travelled Himachal Pradesh resort that is unspoiled by technology.

You may go camping by riversides, hiking, taking nature walks, and going to neighbouring locations for new experiences. serves as a base camp for several treks that start here and finish in Ladakh and the Kinnaur Valley. Anyone can be amazed and mesmerised by the expansive vistas of the cobalt-blue Baspa River against the backdrop of the Kinner Kailash range.

8. Gushaini


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Best time to visit Gushaini: April to September

Gushaini sits in Tirthan Valley, tucked away on the bank of the Tirthan River and in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas. This charming and picturesque town in Himachal Pradesh is one of the greatest unusual destinations for a holiday. This charming town's natural beauty makes it the ideal location for rest in the peaceful surroundings. This is one of the best places in Himachal Pradesh for camping and trekking.

Gushaini, which boasts of the rushing Tirthan River, apple orchards, verdant surroundings, and picturesque peaks, is renowned for its friendly atmosphere. A journey to the Great Himalayan National Park, Sai Ropa, Banjaar, and Jibhi are among the top destinations in Himachal Pradesh. The best activities in Gushaini are hiking, nature walks, bird viewing, fishing for trout, and trekking.

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