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The Top Ten Worst Movies Of 2024 Till Now

By Akanksha - June 10, 2024 12:48 AM

For better or worse, films may be transformative experiences. Whether falling in love with the world of highly praised films or simply sitting back and enjoying films that critics didn't like, everyone can agree that cinema is a terrific way to unwind and have fun. But what were the worst films of the year, according to critics?

And, while there are many cherished films this year, there are also several films that just did not work, at least according to reviewers. And, while you may disagree with what reviewers have said about some films, the aggregate ratings assist in providing a more complete picture of a film's overall critical reaction.

The Top Ten Worst Movies Of 2024 Till Now

So, we offer you the ten worst films of 2024.

10. Roleplay


Image Source: Twitter

Release date: January 12

A lady lives a covert life as a spy. Her spouse finds the secret when they get a chance to spice up their marriage with an evening of role-playing.

Why critics disliked it: It fails as an action comedy and is very predictable.

9. Tarot


Image Source: Twitter

Release date: May 3

A group of buddies uses Tarot cards to predict their future. However, they unleash a scary, otherworldly evil on themselves.

Why critics disliked it: It's a mediocre film with several scary clichés.

8. Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride

Image Source: Twitter

Release date: May 9

Lana discovers her daughter is getting married overseas in a month. To make matters worse, the man she's marrying is the son of someone who destroyed Lana's heart years before.

Why critics disliked it: It has a fantastic setting and landscape, but the rest of the film is paper thin.

7. The Underdoggs

The Underdoggs

Image Source: Twitter

Release date: January 26

Snoop Dogg portrays a retired football player who leads a pee-wee community football squad. The youngsters are foul-mouthed, and the coach wants to make them champs.

Why critics disliked it: It's a failed underdog narrative laced with an unusual amount of profanity. Like Bad News Bears, but not so awesome.

6. Argylle


Image Source: Twitter

Release date: February 2

An espionage author who prefers her alone has her life flipped upside down when one of her books resembles a real clandestine operation.

Why critics disliked it: It's a difficult read that falls short of its potential.

5. Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver

Rebel Moon Part 2

Image Source: Twitter

Release date: April 19

Zack Snyder's follow-up science-fiction picture portrays a gang of underdogs facing an insurmountable force to reclaim their liberty.

Why critics disliked it: It is a science-fiction picture that is exceedingly dull, featuring grandiose, slow-motion scenes.

4. Imaginary


Image Source: Twitter

Release date: March 8

A lady returns to her old home with her little stepdaughter, and the girl discovers a teddy bear, which she plays with and treats like an imaginary friend. Something horrible is going on, and there's more to the bear than the woman realises.

Why critics disliked it: In terms of horror films, it falls short and appears uninteresting.

3. The Garfield Movie

The Garfield Movie

Image Source: Twitter

Release date: May 24

The cat that despises Monday is voiced by Chris Pratt. Garfield meets his father and is coerced into a high-risk theft.

Why critics disliked it: It's a film based on a popular comic strip aimed at an audience who has never heard of it. Many critics claimed it wasn't very entertaining, and the narrative was convoluted and superfluous.

2. Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey 2


Image Source: Twitter

Release date: March 26

Christopher Robin has disclosed the existence of Winnie-the-Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Owl, all of whom appear in stories set in the Hundred Acre Wood. The gang goes to Robin's hometown and kills a lot of people.

Why critics disliked it: Simply told, most critics think it's a bad movie.

1. Madame Web

Madame Web

Image Source: Twitter

Release date: February 14

Set in Sony's live-action Spider-Man world, a NYC paramedic gains extraordinary abilities. Throughout her escapades, she meets other individuals who also have abilities. They have to defeat a supervillain.

Why critics disliked it: The film is really poor and attempts desperately to fit into Sony's interpretation of the MCU.

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