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Qualcomm launches Snapdragon X Plus processor for laptops

By Ravi - May 09, 2024 05:15 PM

Qualcomm launches Snapdragon X Plus processor for laptops

Leading tech manufacturer Qualcomm has launched an entry level chip for laptops. This processor of the company has been introduced with the name Snapdragon X Plus. This processor has a 10-core Oryon CPU whose top speed is clocked at 3.4 GHz. The company claims that along with improving the performance of the laptop, it also improves the battery life.


Qualcomm has introduced its latest processor Snapdragon X Plus for laptops. News about this chipset of Qualcomm was coming out for a long time. The company has earlier launched Snapdragon X Elite processor for laptops.

The Snapdragon X Plus chip features a 10-core Oryon CPU, clocked at 3.4 GHz. Along with this, it supports 135 GB/s bandwidth with up to 64GB RAM. Along with this, this chipset supports 45 TOPS NPU. Qualcomm claims that this is the world's fastest NPU for laptops. This chip not only improves laptop performance but also improves battery life and on-device AI capabilities.

Snapdragon X Plus will offer on-device AI capabilities

Qualcomm said that many apps support Snapdragon X Plus. These include Visual Studio Code (code generator), Audacity (music generator), OBS Studio (live captions) along with all on-device AI features to enhance the functionality.

Snapdragon X Plus: How will be the performance

The company claims that the X Plus chip will be 37 percent faster than its competitors. Along with this, it will use 54 percent less power. This chip comes with LPDDR5x memory, 42MB cache support, which is built on 4nm process.

The Snapdragon X Plus processor supports up to three 4K HDR external displays simultaneously along with Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.4 and advanced ISP camera and immersive lossless audio. This chip offers 10 cores, 42 MB of cache, 3.4GHz maximum frequency, and 45 TOPS NPU, which is Qualcomm's entry-level chip. This processor is integrated with LPDDR5x memory and Adreno GPU with 3.8 teraflop.

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