Dream 11 Winning teams, Tips and Tricks

Winning Small Leagues(SL) in Dream 11 is much easier than Grand Leagues (GL). You can compete Head to Head (H2H) matches, 2 players, 4 players contest etc…. Winning chances are always high.

SL Contests:

1. It is always better to play contests like 3 members, 4 members and h2h only wich has more chances of winnings.
2. spend money in SL contests with joining more contests of small amounts like, 17 rupees and 35 rupees.

GL Contests:

  1. GL Contests are meant for taking risks, if you take risk you can win GL otherwise not.
  2. Always try to play GL by choosing a risky Captain and a Safe VC
  3. example: choosing V Kohli as VC and choosing Shreyas Iyer as captain.

H2H Contests:

  1. H2H contests are the safe contests in which winning chances are always high.
  2. Join H2H contests with only 1 team and different times, so you dont get tough opponents.


➢ Divide your total amount to 15 Parts, invest 10 parts and keep 5 parts aside for next match.
➢ Play GL , SL and H to H contest by the following methods:

Investment of Money:

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