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ICC New Rule: ICC made major changes in these rules

By Akshay - January 04, 2024 04:34 PM

ICC New Rule: ICC made major changes in these rules

ICC New DRS and Concussion Substitute Rule: ICC has once again made an important change in the rules of cricket. ICC has changed the rules of stumping. Now all the DRS appeals made by the players regarding stumping will be taken by looking at the side-on cameras.

ICC's new rule-

In such a situation, now the decision will not be taken by looking at the cameras in front and behind the stumps. In this case, the decision will be taken on the basis of whether the ball hits the stumps. This rule has been implemented from 12 December 2023. In such a situation, if any team wants to see the catch behind the stumps, then for that the team will have to appeal to DRS separately.

ICC got this idea from a decision of Alex Carey-

In Australia's series against India early last year, wicketkeeper Alex Carey had appealed for a separate review to look at the catch behind before the end of the DRS review after stumpings. In such a situation, now according to the changed rules of ICC, only side-on camera photos will be shown on stumping appeal and the umpire will also look at them only.

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What did ICC say?

The ICC said during a statement that according to the new rule changes, the review of stumpings will be limited to stumps only. In such a situation, the fielding team will not get free reviews. ICC has also given clarification on the concussion replacement rule.

Changes made in concussion rules also-

If a player is prevented from bowling due to a concussion, then another player will not be allowed to bowl in his place. Along with this, ICC has fixed a time of 4 minutes to assess and treat the player's injury.

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