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Dream11 Fantasy Kabaddi Tips Today Match Prediction, Kabaddi News, and Latest Updates

Best kabaddi dream11 team Prediction Site, Possible11 is the most accurate dream11 kabaddi team Prediction Site. Conquer the Kabaddi Fantasy sports with Possible11, the most precise Dream11 Kabaddi team prediction site. Our team of experts meticulously analyzes player performance data and provides the most insightful fantasy advice, ensuring you make winning decisions every time. Access today's top match predictions, handpicked winning teams for Grand and Small Leagues, and live Kabaddi match scores – all at your fingertips. Elevate your Kabaddi Fantasy game to new heights with Possible11!

PAL vs NIL Kabaddi Matcch Previews
PAL vs NIL Kabaddi Dream11 Team
CHA vs TAT Kabaddi Matcch Previews
CHA vs TAT Kabaddi Dream11 Team
HIM vs VIV Kabaddi Matcch Previews
HIM vs VIV Kabaddi Dream11 Team
MM vs SIS Kabaddi Matcch Previews
MM vs SIS Kabaddi Dream11 Team
ARA vs HAM Kabaddi Matcch Previews
ARA vs HAM Kabaddi Dream11 Team
COV vs PAP Kabaddi Matcch Previews
COV vs PAP Kabaddi Dream11 Team
PEP vs PAL Kabaddi Matcch Previews
PEP vs PAL Kabaddi Dream11 Team
SIS vs HIM Kabaddi Matcch Previews
SIS vs HIM Kabaddi Dream11 Team
KR vs MM Kabaddi Matcch Previews
KR vs MM Kabaddi Dream11 Team
MAV vs CHA Kabaddi Matcch Previews
MAV vs CHA Kabaddi Dream11 Team

Best Dream11 Kabaddi Team Prediction Website

Is Possible11 The best dream11 kabaddi prediction website? Yes, Possible11 is the best dream11 kabaddi team Prediction Site. Because When it comes to providing kabaddi fantasy tips and dream11 predictions we provide the best possibilities to win the Grand League and Small League. We also cover all kabaddi matches with the best lineup and playing. we check all older records of the players and then our fantasy experts give dream11 teams with the most winning probability.

Which website gives best Dream11 teams with 100% accuracy? Possible11 is the only website which provides dream11 teams with 100% accuracy. Don't just believe any website or app before making your team do your own research check pitch report weather report and last performances before making your Dream11 team and Possible11 is the only website that provides 100% accurate Dream11 predictions.

Best dream11 Grand League(GL) team prediction website

Possible11 stands as the top Dream11 Grand League team prediction website, empowering users to achieve victory. Our meticulous selection process considers all factors influencing team and player performance, leading numerous users to win Grand League contests in Kabaddi matches.

Our experts analyze each player's past performance, including points scored, consistency, and head-to-head records, to craft teams with the highest winning potential. Additionally, we assess court conditions, often overlooked but crucial factors that significantly impact game outcomes.

For Grand League (GL) contests, we strategically select a risky yet predictable team, as it's essential to have players capable of delivering 250+ Dream11 points to secure a top rank.

Choose Possible11 as your trusted partner for Grand League success. Download our app today and embark on a winning journey!

Best dream11 Small League(SL) team prediction website

We handpick safe teams with the highest winning odds, choosing in-form players with a consistent record against the opponent. We avoid inconsistent players, as safe teams rule Small Leagues 90% of the time due to their risk-averse nature.

Our experts scrutinize every detail, including stadium conditions and weather patterns, providing you with all the crucial information. With our expert predictions, countless users have triumphed in Small League contests. Possible11 is your go-to platform for the most trusted and reliable Small League team predictions. Download our app today and unlock a world of winning potential!

How to create your dream11 kabaddi team?

Every Kabaddi team you create on Dream11 has to have 7 players, of which a maximum of 5 players can be from any one team playing the real-life match.

Player Combinations

Your Dream11 can have different combinations of players, but has to be within the 100 credit cap and must qualify the following team selection criteria:

Player Type Min Max
Raider 1 3
All-Rounder 1 2
Defender 2 4

Once you have selected your 7 players, you will have to assign a captain and vice-captain for your team.

The captain will give you 2x points scored by them in the actual match.

The vice-captain will give you 1.5x points scored by them in the actual match.

Dream11 Kabaddi Points System

Raiding Points Points
Successful Raid Touch Point +4
Raid Bonus +2
Unsuccessful Raid -2

Defending Points Points
Successful Tackle +5
Super Tackle +4

Other Points Points
Captain 2x
Vice-Captain 1.5x
In Starting 7 4
Substitute Appearance 2

Other Points Points
Getting Opposition All Out
(if in Starting 7)
Own Team All Out
(if in Starting 7)
Green Card -2
Yellow Card -4
Red Card -6

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