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Yashasvi Jaiswal: A Game-Changer in the WTC Final?

By Akanksha - 2023-06-01 18:53:45
Yashasvi Jaiswal: A Game-Changer in the WTC Final?

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The upcoming World Test Championship (WTC) final between India and Australia is set to be an enthralling battle on the cricket field. While the focus will be on the established stars, there is a young and talented batsman named Yashasvi Jaiswal who could make a significant impact in the match.

With his recent impressive performances and unique attributes, Jaiswal has emerged as a potential contender for playing time in the final. In this article, we will explore the factors that could work in Jaiswal's favor, as well as the challenges he may face.

Left-Handed Advantage against Australia's Right-Handed Attack:

One compelling reason why Yashasvi Jaiswal could earn playing time in the WTC final is his status as a left-handed batsman. Australia's formidable bowling attack consists predominantly of right-handed bowlers, making Jaiswal's left-handedness a potential advantage. With a fresh perspective and the ability to unsettle the bowlers, Jaiswal could bring a different dynamic to the Indian batting lineup. His natural inclination to take the attack to the opposition and exploit any perceived weaknesses in their line of attack could prove crucial in tilting the balance in India's favor.

Aggression as a Key Asset:

yashasvi jaiswal

Image Source: Twitter

Jaiswal's aggressive style of batting is another factor that makes him a compelling candidate for playing time in the WTC final. Fearless and unafraid to take risks, he has demonstrated the ability to score runs quickly and put pressure on the opposition. In a high-stakes match like the WTC final, where scoring at a healthy rate is crucial, Jaiswal's aggressive approach could provide the much-needed impetus to India's innings. His attacking mindset, coupled with his technical prowess, could help the team accumulate runs rapidly, providing an edge in the quest for victory.

Proven Performer under Pressure:

One cannot overlook Jaiswal's ability to perform under pressure, a trait that bodes well for his chances of securing playing time in the final. His century in the IPL final against the Gujarat Titans and his impressive displays in the Under-19 World Cup in 2022 highlight his composure and mental strength when the stakes are high. The WTC final, being a pinnacle event in Test cricket, demands players who can handle pressure and deliver when it matters most. Jaiswal's past achievements indicate that he possesses the temperament and maturity required to rise to the occasion, making him a strong contender for a place in the playing XI.

The Challenges Ahead:

Despite Jaiswal's considerable strengths, there are challenges that could impact his chances of playing in the WTC final. First and foremost, the Indian team boasts a formidable batting line-up, with established stars who have proven their worth over time. The selection of the playing XI will undoubtedly be a tough decision for the team management, and Jaiswal's relative lack of experience at the international level may count against him. Additionally, the team's specific strategy and requirements for the final could also influence the decision to include Jaiswal in the playing XI.


In conclusion, Yashasvi Jaiswal's exceptional form, left-handed advantage, aggressive style of play, and proven ability to perform under pressure make him a strong contender for playing time in the WTC final. However, the presence of a potent batting lineup and his limited experience at the highest level pose significant challenges. Ultimately, the decision lies in the hands of the team management, who will carefully weigh the pros and cons before making their selection.

Regardless of whether Jaiswal gets an opportunity to bat in the WTC final, his inclusion in the squad as a standby player is a testament to his talent and potential. As a rising star in Indian cricket, his time to shine on the international stage may be just around the corner.

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