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why BCCI team in measuring height of all the players in IPL?

By Ravi - March 27, 2024 - Last updated on Mar 28, 2024 04:49 PM
why BCCI team in measuring height of all the players in IPL?

why BCCI team in measuring height of all the players in IPL?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has come up with a unique innovative solution to make the job easier for umpires and reduce the margin of error in case of waist-high no-balls in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL). Waist-high no-balls have often been a big issue among the most challenging decisions for TV and on-field umpires.

New rule of full toss no ball by BCCI

The BCCI has decided to measure the waist height of players from each of the ten franchises to tackle the problems faced by umpires in taking no-ball decisions. The data received from all ten teams will be fed into the system which is used by Hawk-Eye operators which will enhance the decision making process as a particular waist-high no-ball call will be judged according to the actual height of the batsman.


There are people in the BCCI team who are measuring the waist height of all the players in the IPL. This data will then be fed into a system used by hawk-eyed operators, who sit alongside the third umpire (from this IPL season) to review waist-high fulltosses. This data will help in better assessing the waist length full toss of a particular batsman.

What does the ICC rule say on waist-high no-balls?

Under the laws of cricket, any ball which passes or will pass, without being pitched, above the waist height of the striker standing directly on the bowling crease is considered to be fouled. Whenever such a ball is bowled the umpire will signal no ball.

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