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What is Demerit point in cricket? How the Demerit Point System Works

By Kaif - July 23, 2023 - Last updated on Jul 23, 2023 03:40 PM
What is Demerit point in cricket? How the Demerit Point System Works

Harmanpreet Kaur has been fined 75% of her match fee and added 3 demerit points, The International Cricket Council has fined India women's captain Harmanpreet Kaur for her behavior during the third and final ODI against Bangladesh in July 2023. The apex body has deducted 75 per cent of his match fee and added 3 demerit points to his record.

He hit the stumps after being given out by the on-field umpire. Harman also spoke out against the umpiring during the post-match presentation ceremony. So now he has been deducted 75 percent of his match fee and 3 demerit points have been added to his record. What is this demerit point? Let us know What are Demerit points in cricket? And How the Demerit Point System Works

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What is Demerit point in cricket?

What are demerit points in cricket?, In international cricket, demerit points are penalty points awarded to players for various on-field offenses or breaches of the ICC Code of Conduct. The International Cricket Council (ICC) introduced the demerit points system to maintain discipline and the spirit of the game. It acts as a deterrent against un-sporting behavior and helps regulate player conduct during international matches including Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is).

When a player commits an offense, he is assigned demerit points depending on the seriousness of the infraction. These offenses can range from disagreeing with umpires' decisions to using offensive language or gestures on the field. Demerit points are added to the player's record, and if they accumulate a certain number of points within a specified time frame, they face disciplinary action such as a fine or suspension.

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How the Demerit Point System Works

How demerit points work, When a player commits a breach of the ICC's Code of Conduct, they are assigned demerit points. The number of demerit points depends on the severity of the offense.

  • Showing dissent or disrespect towards the umpires' decisions.
  • Using offensive language or gestures.
  • When a player commits an offense, the demerit points associated with that offense are added to their record. If a player accumulates a certain number of demerit points within a specific time frame, they face sanctions such as fines, suspension, or both.
  • If a player accumulates 4 demerit points, they receive a suspension of one Test match or two limited-overs matches, depending on the format in which the points were accumulated.
  • If a player accumulates 8 demerit points, they receive a suspension of two Test matches or four limited-overs matches, depending on the format.
  • Demerit points remain active on a player's record for a specified period. Generally, the points stay on the player's record for a period of 24 months from the date they were imposed.
  • In certain cases where a player commits a severe offense, they can be handed a suspension without reaching the demerit points threshold. These cases involve serious acts of misconduct, such as physical violence on the field.
  • Players have the right to appeal against the imposition of demerit points and the subsequent sanctions. An independent judicial commissioner reviews the appeal and makes a final decision.
  • Level 1 breaches (less serious offenses) result in 1 demerit point.
  • Level 2 breaches (more serious offenses) lead to 3 demerit points.

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