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What are The Different Types of Cricket Bats?

By Akanksha - 2023-07-08 13:51:26
What are The Different Types of Cricket Bats?

Cricket is a widely celebrated sport across the globe, and its popularity extends to our country as well. While watching the game can be thrilling, the gear and equipment used in cricket also capture the attention of enthusiasts. Among the various equipment, the cricket bat stands out as a crucial tool for batsmen.

However, choosing the perfect bat can be a daunting task due to the wide array of options available. Factors such as the type of wood, grip, length, and base play a significant role in selecting the right cricket bat. In this blog, we will delve into the different types of cricket bats and guide you on choosing the best one for your game.

Types of Cricket Bats:

S.no Types of cricket bat
1. English Willow
2. Kashmiri Willow
3. Softball Cricket bats
4. Training cricket bats

English Willow:

English Willow

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The English willow bat holds prominence in the world of cricket, being the preferred choice of professional cricketers worldwide. It is manufactured in large quantities due to its exceptional quality and durability. English willow, native to England, offers excellent contraction and toughness, making it an ideal material for cricket bats. The bats are categorized into five grades (1–5), with grade one bats exhibiting the highest quality and straighter grains. Although English willow bats are slightly more expensive, their superior performance justifies the investment.

Kashmiri Willow:

Kashmiri Willow bat

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As the name suggests, Kashmiri willow bats are made from wood sourced from Kashmir. This type of bat differs in appearance and reliability compared to English willow bats. The distinctive brownish color of Kashmiri willow makes it easily distinguishable from English willow. Crafted by hand, Kashmiri willow bats boast lightweight characteristics. Their popularity has been surging, particularly among newcomers to the sport. While they may not match the performance of English willow bats, Kashmiri willow bats offer an affordable alternative.

Softball Cricket Bats:

Softball Cricket bats

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Softball cricket bats are not used in international cricket matches but find utility in local or gully cricket games. These bats are typically constructed using soft rubber and high-quality wood or fiber. Professional cricketers do not utilize this type of bat. Softball cricket bats are less expensive than both Kashmiri willow and English willow bats, making them suitable for children playing at home or in informal settings. These bats serve as excellent tools for kids to develop their cricketing skills from a young age.

Training Cricket Bats:

Training cricket bats

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Training cricket bats are primarily used as practice tools to enhance skill sets. Unlike other bats made from a single type of willow, training bats can be manufactured using either English willow or Kashmiri willow. They come in various sizes and widths, with the width typically being half that of a regular cricket bat. Coaches find training cricket bats highly useful during practice sessions. Similar to specialist cricket bats, training bats also require knocking in and oiling during the learning phase.

Difference between English Willow and Kashmiri Willow:

One common question that arises when purchasing a cricket bat is the difference between English willow and Kashmiri willow. English willow bats are lighter, smoother, and exhibit better grain quality compared to their Kashmiri counterparts. This is why experienced batsmen and top players worldwide prefer English willow bats. However, it is important to note that English willow bats are more expensive than Kashmiri willow bats.

How to Choose a Cricket Bat:

Choose the Type of Willow Bat:

Decide whether you prefer a Kashmiri or English willow bat. Kashmiri willow bats are heavier, while English willow bats are lighter. Additionally, English willow bats come in five grades, with higher grades offering better grain quality.

Bat Size Approx Age Height of Batter Bat Length in cms Bat Width in cms
0 3-4 up to 123cm 62.8 to 64.7 9.5
1 4-5 123-130cm 67.9 9.5
2 6-7 130-137cm 70.1 9.5
3 8 137-145cm 73 9.6
4 9-11 145-150cm 75.9 9.6
5 10-12 150-157cm 78.8 10.2
6 11-13 157-163cm 81.1 10.2
Harrow 12-14 163-175cm 82.8 10.4
Full SH 15+ 175-188cm 85.2 10.8
Full LH 15+ over 188cm 87 10.8

Bat Size:

Consider the appropriate bat size based on your age group. A size chart can be used as a reference to find the perfect fit for your height and age.


The weight of the bat plays a crucial role in a player's game. A heavy bat can limit a player's ability to execute horizontal blade shots. It is important to have the player pick up the bat and assess its weight before making a purchase. Senior bats generally weigh between 2lb 6ozs and 3lb 2ozs.

Selecting the right cricket bat is essential for enhancing your performance on the field. Understanding the different types of cricket bats, such as English willow, Kashmiri willow, softball cricket bats, and training cricket bats, allows you to make an informed decision. Consider factors like the type of willow, bat size, and weight to find a bat that suits your game. Whether you opt for the lightweight finesse of an English willow bat or the affordability of a Kashmiri willow bat, choose a bat that empowers you to excel in the game of cricket.

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