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Top 8 memorable moments in T20 World Cup history

By Akanksha - May 31, 2024 - Last updated on May 31, 2024 01:17 AM
Top 8 memorable moments in T20 World Cup history

The T20 World Cup 2024 is rapidly approaching. The USA vs Canada match kicks off the competition on June 1. June 29 is the date of the final. Up to 20 teams are competing. They will ultimately be reduced to eight, then to four, and finally to the last two who will compete in the final. The match that we are all most looking forward to is India against Pakistan on June 9, but India's campaign starts on June 5 against Ireland. After defeating Pakistan in the 2022 championship match, England is the reigning champion. The competition will be held for the eighth time this year.

2007 saw the debut of the competition, with India emerging victorious. The only teams with two titles are the West Indies and England. England won in 2010 and 2022, while the West Indies triumphed in 2012 and 2016. In the eight previous tournaments, six different countries have raised the trophy. As of yet, no host country has prevailed.

Top 8 memorable moments in T20 World Cup history

There have been a few games in the past 17 years that just stick out. These interactions have been suspenseful and have ended abruptly. While some teams have given up games they should have easily won, other teams have emerged victorious from seemingly hopeless circumstances.

Fans still remember several of these confrontations vividly, and for good reason. So let's look at eight such scenes that were suspenseful in every manner.

1. India vs Pakistan: 2007

India vs Pakistan 2007

Image Source: Twitter

This game was won 3-0 by India. No, this is a bowl-out outcome rather than a football score. What precisely took place? India and Pakistan finished in a draw with 141 between them. Five players from each side bowled at the stumps in an attempt to strike them, forcing a bowl-out. somewhat similar to a penalty shootout. The Men in Blue won the match after India's bowlers hit the first three times while Pakistan's failed to score.

2. England vs Netherlands: 2009

England vs Netherlands 2009

Image Source: Twitter

In Twenty20 Internationals, upsets are not unheard of, and England had one during the competition they were hosting. After a valiant effort by the Netherlands to stay ahead of the hosts, two goals from a single ball were required. The Netherlands attempted to score a run to tie the game, but an overthrow allowed them to recover for a second run and win.

3. India vs Sri Lanka: 2010

India vs Sri Lanka 2010

Image Source: Twitter

When Sri Lanka needed to score thirty runs in two overs, India had them wrapped up. With 17 runs scored in the 19th over, 13 runs from six balls were required. With three required from a single delivery after Ashish Nehra gave up 10 runs in five deliveries, Chamara Kapugedera struck a massive six to seal the victory for the Lankans.

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4. Australia vs Pakistan: 2010

Australia vs Pakistan 2010

Image Source: Twitter

In the 2010 Australian-Pakistan semifinal, our neighbours stole the win from Australia. Pakistan needed to score 17 runs to win, therefore it came down to the final five balls. When Mike Hussey faced Saeed Ajmal, he essentially did little more than hurl the bat at whatever was thrown at him. In the following four balls, there were two sixes, a four, and another six, and Australia advanced to their first final. The reigning winners were eliminated. Unfortunately, Australia was eliminated in the final and would not be able to win a championship for another 11 years.

5. South Africa vs New Zealand: 2014

South Africa vs New Zealand 2014

Image Source: Twitter

Despite their reputation as renowned chokers, South Africa prevailed in this game by maintaining composure under duress. Dale Steyn bowled and New Zealand needed seven from the last over. In the last over, the Kiwis managed just four runs while losing three wickets. They were defeated by South Africa by a few runs. They would continue until the semifinals when India would terminate their season. Sadly, Sri Lanka prevailed against India in the championship game.

6. West Indies vs England: 2016

West Indies vs England 2016

Image Source: Twitter

This was an encore if the 2007 championship game was a suspenseful one. To win, West Indies required 19 runs in the last over. Carlos Brathwaite was holding the bat as Ben Stokes was bowling. The events that unfolded throughout the ensuing minutes were straight out of a screenplay. To win the title for the West Indies, Brathwaite hit four straight sixes. The first team to win two T20 World Cups was the West Indies. It would take a while for England's wounds to heal. Although Stokes would want to forget the day, he turned his life around to help England win the ODI World Cup in 2019 and the T20 World Cup in 2022.

7. India vs Pakistan: 2022

India vs Pakistan 2022

Image Source: Twitter

India vs. Pakistan is said to as the Mother of All Battles for a reason. Great players give their best in this matchup. That individual on this specific day was Virat Kohli. India needed to score 28 points out of 8, and it appeared like Pakistan would prevail absent a miracle. Another loss would result in new pains because the scars from the 2021 T20 World Cup debacle had scarcely healed. Kohli remained where he was, standing between Pakistan and victory. Using a blend of timing and strength, he reduced it to one run off of one ball. The Indian camp started celebrating as Ravichandran Ashwin struck the winning run. Pakistan was left in a state of shock and confusion.

8. Australia vs Afghanistan: 2022

Australia vs Afghanistan 2022

Image Source: Twitter

Everyone respected the losing squad in this game since they fought hard against the reigning champs. Australia won by setting Afghanistan to 169. To eliminate Australia from the semifinals, Afghanistan needed to score 21 runs in the last over. They succeeded in scoring sixteen runs, and the Australians barely made it. The Australians maintained their aspirations, but their Net Run Rate suffered from the tight victory. When England defeated Sri Lanka to secure a spot in the last four alongside New Zealand, that proved to be expensive.

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