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By Kaif - May 12, 2023 - Last updated on May 12, 2023 05:33 PM

Image Source: ICC Web

Cricket is a game that is full of surprises and unexpected moments. From incredible catches to last-minute victories, cricket has provided us with many memorable moments over the years. However, it's not always the serious moments that make us laugh. In this blog, we will take a look at the top 5 most hilarious cricket moments.


1) The Flying Bat Incident

Navjot Singh Sidhu

In a match between India and England in 1996, Indian batsman Navjot Singh Sidhu lost control of his bat while playing a shot. The bat flew out of his hands and landed near the wicket-keeper. The wicket-keeper, Jack Russell, picked up the bat and pretended to hit Sidhu with it. The entire incident was captured on camera, and it became an instant hit among cricket fans.

2) The Misfield That Went for Six

Herschelle Gibbs

Image Source: ICC Web

In a match between Pakistan and South Africa in the 2003 World Cup, South African fielder Herschelle Gibbs made a hilarious mistake. Pakistani batsman Saeed Anwar played a shot that went straight to Gibbs, but he misfielded it. The ball went through his legs and rolled towards the boundary. As Gibbs chased after the ball, he accidentally kicked it over the rope, resulting in a six for Pakistan. The commentators and fans were left in stitches as they watched the replay of the incident.

3) The Run-Out That Wasn't

Sourav Ganguly

Image Source: ICC Web

In a match between India and Sri Lanka in 2008, Indian batsman Sourav Ganguly played a shot that went straight to the fielder at short cover. The fielder quickly picked up the ball and threw it to the non-striker's end, where Ganguly was running. However, the ball hit the umpire, who was standing in the way, and ricocheted back towards the fielder. The fielder picked up the ball again and threw it to the wicket-keeper, who took off the bails. The Sri Lankan team started celebrating, but to everyone's surprise, the umpire declared Ganguly not out, citing obstruction of the field. The incident left everyone scratching their heads and wondering what had just happened.

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4) The Beer Snake

beer snake

Image Source: ICC Web

In 2015, during a Test match between Australia and New Zealand, fans at the ground started building a beer snake. The snake started small, but it quickly grew to enormous proportions. By the end of the day, the snake was so long that it stretched from one end of the ground to the other. The beer snake was a hilarious sight and it showed the creativity and ingenuity of cricket fans.

5) The Mascot Run-Out

Mascot Run-Out

Image Source: ICC Web

In a match between England and New Zealand in 2008, a bizarre incident occurred when a mascot was run out. During the innings break, the mascots of both teams were playing a friendly game of cricket. The New Zealand mascot hit the ball towards mid-wicket and started running. The fielder quickly picked up the ball and threw it towards the stumps, but the ball missed and hit the mascot instead. The umpire had no choice but to declare the mascot run out, much to the amusement of the crowd.

Cricket is a game that is full of surprises, and these hilarious moments are a testament to that. While they may not be as serious or significant as other moments in cricket history, they have provided us with plenty of laughs and entertainment over the years. Whether it's a misfield, a dropped catch, or a mascot run-out, these moments remind us that even the best players can make mistakes and that anything can happen.

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