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Robin is upset with BCCI decision called it uncomfortable and unfair?

By Akanksha - August 8, 2023 - Last updated on Aug 09, 2023 04:15 PM
Robin is upset with BCCI decision called it uncomfortable and unfair?

Image Source: Twitter

Former Indian Cricketer Robin Uthappa voices discomfort and unfairness regarding the proposed "cooling-off" period by the BCCI for retired players participating in overseas T20 leagues.

In a surprising turn of events, Robin Uthappa, the former Indian cricketer who bid adieu to both international and IPL cricket just last year, has expressed his concerns over the BCCI's contemplation of a "cooling-off" period for retired Indian players aspiring to partake in overseas T20 leagues. Uthappa, who recently showcased his skills in the T10 league in Zimbabwe and the ILT20 in the UAE, minced no words as he labeled the decision "uncomfortable" and "unfair."

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Responding to an inquiry by PTI during a session organized by Jio Cinema, Uthappa candidly voiced his sentiments, "I think it is human nature to feel uncomfortable about it. We aren't under a central contract with the BCCI anymore and aren't playing cricket in India. It does seem a bit uncomfortable and certainly unfair."

Despite his apprehensions, Uthappa was quick to acknowledge the consistent support rendered by the BCCI to players. He maintained his trust in the BCCI's decision-making abilities, stating, "The BCCI has always been supportive. I trust any decision they make will cater to both the BCCI's interests and the players participating in the IPL. With proper communication, I believe a solution that's beneficial for everyone can be found."

Turning his attention to India's imminent challenges in the T20 format, especially with the T20 World Cup looming large, Uthappa underlined the pivotal role that management and leadership would play. He commented, "We have an abundance of talent. The depth and quality of players are so high that it could be overwhelming - a problem many countries might wish for."

However, Uthappa emphasized that the strategic path taken by the team would be the ultimate decider of India's success in the T20s. "The team management's approach and the leadership group's vision will be crucial for India’s success in the T20s. The question remains: Will they back the new generation, or opt for a blend of youth and experience?"

With his experience encompassing 46 ODIs and 13 T20Is, Uthappa didn't shy away from pinpointing a notable concern for the Indian squad. "There's a notable concern regarding the lower-middle order. Post the No. 7 slot, there's a significant tail. Besides that, our spin department is world-class."

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Uthappa also extended some valuable advice to the budding players set to tour the West Indies, underscoring the importance of patience and adaptability to the distinctive conditions of each island. "For many, it's their first exposure to the Caribbean conditions. They need time to understand the nuances of each pitch," Uthappa concluded, imparting his seasoned wisdom.

As Uthappa's remarks reverberate through the cricketing community, the BCCI faces a challenge in reconciling the concerns of its retired players while crafting regulations that align with the evolving landscape of international T20 leagues. Only time will tell how the BCCI navigates this delicate situation and whether Uthappa's words will catalyze any revisions in their proposed regulations.

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