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Ranking the Top 10 Team Jerseys in T20 World Cup 2024

By Akanksha - June 3, 2024 - Last updated on Jun 03, 2024 10:17 PM
Ranking the Top 10 Team Jerseys in T20 World Cup 2024

Over time, cricket is becoming more and more popular and lustrous globally. Several elements contribute to the game's increased viewer attraction. Fans are drawn to their favourite teams and players mostly because of how well they play, but presentation is also a big draw.

Nowadays, it's usual to see famous people draw attention with their stylish haircuts and fashionable appearances before a competition. Teams will also put effort into acquiring fashionable apparel for players so they can carry their sense of style onto the pitch. The USA and the West Indies are hosting the 2024 T20 World Cup, and all 20 competitors have debuted their new looks to shine in this major competition.

Ranking the Top 10 Team Jerseys in T20 World Cup 2024

10. Bangladesh

Bangladesh's national flag's green and red hues are still present in their World Cup uniform. On the sleeves and sides, the red hues, instead of being all over the place, are shaped like waves. The jersey has a sleek appearance overall with a dash of contemporary and history.

9. Sri Lanka

The new Sri Lankan uniform has varying blue tones, with the front being brighter and the sleeves being darker. Their national insignia stretches the length of the shirt and is boldly highlighted on the front. The overarching pattern of design highlights the players' fervour and competitive spirit. The team name, emblem, collar borders, and sleeves are all made bold by using yellow.

8. India

Team India's shirt is mostly blue with saffron hues on the sleeves and shoulders. Three white stripes are added to the shoulders and a tricolour stripe adorns the shirt collar. A star that represents India's victory in the 2007 T20 World Cup can be seen just above the logo on the left if you look closely. The shirt's sides are likewise lined in a shade of saffron.

7. South Africa

When it comes to its World Cup apparel, South Africa has adhered to its official colours of green and yellow. Since the green is only visible on the arms, collar, shoulders, and sides, the yellow is highlighted more. Notably, the left shoulder features the three colours of the national flag: red, black, and blue; the right shoulder features a black stripe between two green stripes.

6. West Indies

West Indies' World Cup uniform continues to feature its signature colour scheme of yellow and maroon. The sleeves, sides, and a few abstract motifs at the front of the body's bottom have been decorated in maroon. Both the middle and the end of the self are decorated in yellow. The shoulder joint and sleeve area are likewise printed in the same sky blue shade as their emblem.

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5. Afghanistan

Afghanistan's World Cup uniform is all blue. The jersey has an overall cool appeal thanks to its sky blue and somewhat dark blue colour tone. The Afghanistan Cricket Board explained that the jersey represents the nation's harmony among its tribes and the stunning Lapis Lazuli area. The opulent attire also showcases the intriguing décor of the match locations.

4. Pakistan

Pakistan has maintained its predominant national hue, green, in both brighter and deeper tones. Dubbed the "Matrix," the jersey is far better-looking than their previous "watermelon" design, with various designs all over it. The jersey was said to as a sign of togetherness by Pakistan Cricket.

3. England

In the main event, Jos Buttler and company will wear a jersey that is mostly red. The reigning champs added a sophisticated touch while keeping things straightforward. The shoulder and sleeve ends have a little blue pattern added to them, while all text and trademarks are printed in white. In the previous iteration, England's primary hue was light red, and the front portion of the body included an outline of a lion.

2. Australia

"Australia comes to mind when you think of green and gold." Australian bowler Josh Hazlewood expressed his thoughts regarding their new attire as follows. Australia chose to go with a dark green colour scheme with occasional yellow patterns instead of continuing with the yellow domination this time. The shirt's pattern is forest green throughout, with yellow accents at the collar and underarm area.

1. New Zealand

The New Zealand squad opted to go vintage this time, drawing influence from their 1999 uniform. The shirt is predominantly coloured teal. It's interesting to note that the Black Caps' uniform only has one black piece—the "New Zealand" on the front of the torso. The name of the team is displayed on a white backdrop.

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