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IPL 2021: New Rule changes in IPL T20 league

By Rohit - August 10, 2021 - Last updated on Jan 21, 2023 02:29 PM
IPL 2021: New Rule changes in IPL T20 league

A study has shown that there is a slim chance of Covid-19 spreading from the use of the ball but the Indian board doesn't want to take any risk at all

The Indian Premier League ( IPL) 2021 suspended season is set to resume in the United Arab Emirates on September 19. Although the T20 league has been moved out of India to ensure its completion this season, IPL 2021 will need to be played under strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure 100 percent safety for the cricketers as well as officials and other persons involved.

“If the cricket ball goes in the stands or outside the stadium, the fourth umpire will provide a replacement from the library of cricket balls. The previous ball when returned will be sanitized with alcohol-based wipes and/or UV-C by the fourth umpire and placed in the library,” the BCCI

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Furthermore, ICC Executive Committee had earlier banned the use of saliva during the Covid-19 era. BCCI added that the players will also be prohibited to spit on the field.

“Members doing so must discard the soiled tissue paper securely in the provided dustbins,” the circular adds.

The BCCI will make sure that the players, coaching staff, and the commentators will be transported from the team bus straight to the aircraft. “The team bus drops the players straight onto the tarmac thereby avoiding the need for players to pass through the airport terminal building (and thus) preventing contact with other people outside the Bio-Secure Environment,” it further reads.

The BCCI is also considering allowing fans in the stadium but they will only be allowed to sit in the upper tier of the stadium.

The other rule changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the remaining IPL 2021 matches are…

  • No player should share their drinks, food items, bottles, towels with each other in the field of play.
  • The substitute players carrying drinks would require to keep the drinks holder on the field and all players can only use their own pre-designated bottles to avoid sharing.
  • BCCI has also asked teams to instruct players not to use towels, any other kind of clothing with each other.
  • Other than this players will be allowed to use golf courses within the premises of the hotels they are staying, provided the concerned team book the entire golf course.
  • No use of bars, restaurants, cafes, gymnasium, locker rooms at the Golf Club is allowed.

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