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A Descriptive Overview of Indian Cricket Business

By Guest - 2023-12-19 16:32:08
A Descriptive Overview of Indian Cricket Business

Cricket is more than simply a sport to Indians; it's an essential component of daily life. The sport receives unmatched attention, and electronic and print media often carry stories about it to satiate the population's never-ending appetite for cricket. With expectations from more than a billion fans, Indian cricket players are among the most pressured athletes in the world.

The sportsmanship qualities of cricketers and the management committees' promotion and investment managing capabilities have immensely boosted the cricket business in the whole nation. In this blog, we have discussed in detail how the Indian Cricket business is growing, their contribution to the nation's economic development, challenges faced by players, and upcoming trends that will soon be evident.

The Unprecedented Success of Indian Cricket

The cricket business in India has soared to great heights owing to certain important points they have taught in their strategies:

Managing the workload

The cricket team from India is among the most hardworking teams in the world. They competed in 63 international games in the 2018–19 cricket season. However, few of the key players suffered injuries during the season, thanks to great workload management. Present Indian Captain Virat Kohli strongly emphasizes workload management and has made it clear that his team members must listen to their bodies and decide when to take a break.

Discover their faults

Indian cricket is a talent hotspot, consistently producing young players who can compete with the best in the world. What is their method? For instance, years ago, there weren't enough good fast bowlers for Indian cricket, which was a concern. The administration of the Indian Cricket team teamed up with organizations like the MRF Pace Foundation and began a scientific method of developing good rapid bowlers.

Creative Approach

We have witnessed countless instances of creative ideas in Indian cricket. Especially with M.S. Dhoni, the current wicketkeeper and former captain of India. His extraordinary wicket-keeping skills have been on full show numerous times, as they are. He single-handedly helped India defeat Bangladesh in the 2016 T20 World Cup game through creative wicket-keeping and field positioning.

Process of Making Decisions in Groups

We have witnessed multiple times that the senior players of the Indian cricket team, including Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and M.S. Dhoni, come together during tight situations and make a choice as a group that frequently turns out to be the right one.

The Indian cricket team continuously holds the top spot across all game types. Here, we have covered all the important elements contributing to the Indian cricket team's explosive ascension to international prominence.

The Business of Indian Cricket

India is such an expert in the sport that in addition to having the best team in the world, cricket is also the most lucrative in India. Effect of COVID-19 on Profits of World Cricket and Indian Sports states that 75% of Indian cricket revenue, representing about 45% of global cricket revenue, comes from the IPL. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a big contribution to the approximately 85% share of cricket in the Indian sports market.

Streaming and sponsorship are the two sources that provide 65% and 30% of India's sports earnings. While IPL players directly benefit financially from the league, there are numerous methods for businesses and entrepreneurs to profit from the competition.

Cheerleaders, press executives, marketing firms, and numerous other service providers profit from the IPL, in addition to celebrities who are paid for their presence.

It should come as no surprise that online cricket betting in India is developing rapidly, given that over 140 million Indians do it annually. The successful online businesses of IPL bookies generate enormous revenues because they provide a distinctive blend of excitement and potential financial gain. Indian gamers may quickly put their bets on whichever device they choose thanks to the sports betting applications that make it easy for them to watch cricket matches and easily make in-game wagers.

As the ICC World Cup 2023 approaches, fans from India and outside fly into various cities, purchase passes to watch tournaments at stadiums, book lodging, eat and drink at eateries and roadside food stalls, buy souvenirs and goods, visit tourist attractions, and engage in other activities. The study shows that the Indian economy will be about $1.64 billion (Rs 13,500 crore) wealthier regardless of the World Cup outcome.

Impact of the Cricket on Indian Economy

The Indian Premier League has had the following effects on the Indian economy:

Developed Tourism

IPL has brought countless cricket fans worldwide to India to witness the matches, boosting the country's tourist industry. Due to the increased demand, accommodations, eateries, and other tourism-related businesses have seen a huge surge in business in India.

Employment Prospects

The IPL has brought about a lot of employment opportunities, mainly in the hotel and entertainment industries. Many people are engaged in various roles throughout the tournament, from hotel employees to security personnel.

Advertising and Sponsorship

Over the years, the Indian Premier League teams and the tournament have drawn sizable sponsorship and advertising income, which have aided in expanding the Indian advertising sector.

Boosting Infrastructure Building

Increased investor interest in the sports sector due to the IPL's success has increased the size of India's sports business. As a result, infrastructure, training centers, etc., have been developed.

In general, the IPL has been beneficial to the Indian economy, fostering the expansion of multiple industries and generating a large number of job possibilities.

The Role of BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India)

The BCCI, an association of regional cricket bodies that choose their representatives to vote for the BCCI president, was established in December 1928. The BCCI is a private, independent organization that has sway in cricket.

The BCCI receives most of the revenue generated by the International Cricket Council. One of the richest sports leagues in the world is the IPL.

The 2023 Cricket World Cup, 2026 ICC T20 World Cup, 2031 ICC ODI World Cup, and 2025 Women's Cricket World Cup will all be held by the BCCI, which has already hosted several ICC World Cups.

The men's, women's, men's national under-19, and women's national under-19 cricket teams are the four teams that represent India in international cricket, respectively, and are all managed by the BCCI. The developing India A, India B, and India A teams of women are also governed by it. Players are chosen for these teams by its national evaluation committee, which the chief national selector chairs. The BCCI is responsible for scheduling and organizing the games that will be contested by all of these teams and for scheduling, sanctioning, and managing national cricket in India.

Challenges and Future Trends


Ageing Star Players

One issue is the aging of stars, including Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, which creates concerns about how the club will replace them with younger players.

Injury Rates and Fitness

It is concerning that players are suffering from more injuries as a result of their hectic schedules and insufficient rest.


There are difficulties, particularly during international trips, as fiercely competitive squads like England, Australia, and New Zealand are rising.


Off-field problems and disputes, such as match-fixing allegations, have periodically damaged Indian cricket's reputation and have often raised doubt in fans' minds about whether cricket is a business or a game for the BCCI.

Future Trends

Women's Cricket

The women's cricket squad is expected to receive more support and funding, improving results and increasing worldwide competitiveness.

Data Analytics

The implementation of technology and data analytics in cricket is anticipated to grow, enabling players and teams to make better choices.

Encouraging Grassroots Cricket

Investing in infrastructure and grassroots cricket will be essential for developing future stars.

Mental Health Awareness

Players will continue to receive enhanced assistance in this area as the value of players' mental wellness in cricket is acknowledged.

Fan Engagement

As social media becomes more prevalent, fans' influence over the future of sports will only increase.


The Indian Cricket team has established a booming business venture not only within the geographical boundaries of the nation but also worldwide. The hard work of players and organizers have overworked themselves to bring home the worldwide acclamation in cricket. What is more significant is how this development has benefitted the service sector of the Indian economy as they host hundreds of foreigners who hail to India to spectate immensely exciting tournaments. It has also enabled sports enthusiasts to earn side income through wagering.

The Indian Cricket team keeps on improving itself, employing new trends to keep up with fierce global competition. Indian Cricket team turnover is increasing rapidly, making it one of India's fastest-growing ventures.

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