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150% Bonus on Deposit on Parimatch Aviator App for Indian Bettors

By Guest - March 14, 2024 - Last updated on Mar 14, 2024 09:05 PM
150% Bonus on Deposit on Parimatch Aviator App for Indian Bettors

Parimatch Aviator app Review: Features, Advantages and Bonuses

Introducing the Parimatch Aviator app - an optimised solution for players in India looking for a seamless gaming experience on the go. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app features a user-friendly interface and continuous improvements to ensure a seamless gameplay experience on your favourite crash game. Thanks to its offline nature, the Aviator app allows users to immerse themselves in gaming sessions at their convenience. Experience the thrill anytime, anywhere by downloading the app today.

Key Features of the Parimatch Aviator app

Here's an overview of the key features of the Parimatch Aviator app:

  • Simple design: Aviator offers clear and easy-to-use navigation, allowing users to quickly understand the platform's mechanism.
  • Fast performance: Enjoy a seamless gaming experience even with slow internet speeds thanks to Aviator's impressive speed and performance on smartphones.
  • Real-time notifications: Stay in touch with your bets and important events with Aviator's real-time notifications feature so you don't miss out on profitable opportunities.
  • Sign in with Touch ID and Face ID: With security as a top priority, Aviator allows users to sign in with facial or fingerprint recognition to increase their confidence.
  • Optimised performance: Aviator is optimised for iOS and Android devices, ensuring efficient performance across platforms.
  • Individual Info: Thanks to the app's intuitive categorisation system, you can easily access your favourite games like Aviator.

Experience the convenience and sophistication of the Parimatch Aviator app, where every feature is designed to be a pleasure to play with.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Parimatch Aviator betting app has a huge number of benefits that are to the liking of Indian punters who have mastered its functionality. Here are some of its advantages:


  • Convenience: Users can bet seamlessly at Aviator regardless of their location, even during their daily commute to work.
  • Regular updates: The app's commitment to improvement is commendable, as evidenced by its regular updates, which ensure that users always get the latest features and improvements.
  • Intuitive Interface: The app's interface features a simple, intuitive design that promotes easy navigation and is suitable for even novice Indian players.
  • 24/7 Support: Parimatch Aviator prioritises user satisfaction by offering 24/7 support, providing immediate assistance via online chat at any time.
  • Security measures: The app uses SSL encryption to protect users' sensitive data and offers insurance for their funds.

However, the potential disadvantages listed below must be considered.


  • Memory requirements: Users need to ensure that there is sufficient free RAM and phone memory to install the application, which may be a limitation for some devices.
  • Cached data management: Users may encounter residual cached data after use, requiring its periodic deletion to optimise phone memory usage and prevent littering.

System Requirements

For optimal performance, make sure your device meets Parimatch Aviator's minimum system requirements. The app is compatible with iOS 12+ or Android 5.1+ operating systems, requires at least 1GB of RAM, a 1.2GHz processor and 100MB of free memory. Make sure your device meets these requirements to enjoy a seamless betting experience.

Parimatch Aviator Bonus Programme

After registering through the app, players have access to Parimatch's welcome bonuses, allowing them to choose either a sports bonus or a casino bonus. Both offer a substantial 150% bonus on the first deposit and players can win up to ₹20,000 or ₹105,000, respectively. In addition, players can also check out a host of other tempting offers in the promotions section of the app. Among them, the following can be highlighted:

  • Deposit bonus: Get an extra 25% on deposits up to ₹14,000.
  • Loyalty programme for Indian players: Exclusive rewards and benefits for regular players.
  • 25% on Live Casino deposits: Enhance your Live Casino experience with a 25% bonus.
  • Kabaddi Quest Bonus: Dive into the action with this unique bonus offer.
  • Express Bonus: accelerate your winnings with this exciting bonus feature.
  • Numerous tournaments and competitions: Compete for glory and prizes in a variety of exciting events.

Differences Between a Mobile Site and an Parimatch Aviator app

When evaluating the Parimatch Aviator betting platform, you need to know the differences between the app and the mobile site. Below are the main differences.


  • Requires download to access.
  • The temperature of the unit may rise with prolonged use.
  • Offers a dedicated interface for simplified navigation.
  • A constant internet connection is required for optimum performance.
  • Consumes more internet data compared to the mobile version.

Mobile version:

  • Accessible through a web browser, eliminating the need to download.
  • Less resources, minimal impact on device temperature.
  • Provides flexibility for use on a variety of devices.
  • Functionality is maintained even at low internet speeds.
  • Consumes less data online, which is ideal for data-conscious users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the Parimatch Aviator App Offer Demo Versions of Games?

Yes, Parimatch Aviator app provides demo versions of most games, just like on the website. These demos are available to registered and authorised players, providing a risk-free opportunity to explore the various game features.

How Can I Contact Support via the Parimatch App?

The most effective way to contact the support team is via live chat. Often questions are resolved within a minute.

If I Am Already Registered on the Website, Do I Need to Create a Separate Account for the Parimatch

No, there is no need to create a new account if you are already registered on the Parimatch website. Simply log in using your credentials.

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