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List of Possible11 Authors

Possible11 is the best website that provides winning teams for Dream11 contests with the highest level of accuracy. Our platform stands out as the most reliable source for the best lineups and fantasy advice for all types of sporting events. Our team of fantasy sports experts employs prior player performances to predict Dream11 teams with a 100% winning probability. We have a vast user base of over 9 lakh app users who rely on our picks and advice to emerge victorious in the Dream11 IPL competition. Our professionally assembled teams and picks offer the opportunity to win both Grand Leagues and Small Leagues with ease.

Our Great Authors

  1. Aditya Pratap Singh
  2. Akshay Thakur
  3. Afiur Rahman
  4. Akanksha Sinha
  5. Anshu Singh Bhadauriya
  6. Arjit Kumar
  7. Ravi Thakur
  8. Rohit Kumar
  9. Shivam Mehul Arora
  10. Vipin Kumar
  11. Kaif
  12. Possible11 Staff

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