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Virat Kohli left for America for T20 World Cup 2024

By Akshay - May 31, 2024 05:28 PM

Virat Kohli left for America for T20 World Cup 2024: Virat Kohli, who returned to rest after IPL, has now ended his holidays and left for New York for the upcoming T20 World Cup. Team India led by Rohit Sharma had already reached America. But senior batsman Virat, who reached the playoffs of IPL, had asked for some rest from the team management and now he has left for Mission World Cup.

Virat will not play the practice match against Bangladesh

Team India will play the only practice match against Bangladesh on Saturday before the start of this World Cup. Kohli's exclusion from the team before this practice match was a matter of concern for the fans. Everyone wants that Virat Kohli, who was in great form during the IPL, should reach America on time and start his practice on the drop-in pitches here, so that he can adjust to the bounce and speed of these pitches and once again prepare himself to play explosive innings for the Indian team.

Meanwhile, when Virat did not join the team even when the team's only practice match was approaching, the fans became a little worried about him. Virat may reach America on Friday, but it is difficult for Kohli to go straight to the practice match. He will also have to adjust to the weather here and also overcome the problem of jet lag.

Virat Kohli at the Mumbai airport

As soon as Virat reached outside Mumbai airport to catch the flight, the paparazzi present there surrounded him. During this, some paparazzi also thanked him for the gift he received from Virat and Anushka during IPL and also gave his autograph to one of his fans.

Junior fan gets an autograph

When the paparazzi were clicking pictures of Virat, some of them said thank you Virat Sir for the gift. On this Virat told them that the gift was not given to him by Virat but by Madam (Anushka Sharma), on which everyone thanked both of them. During this, a junior fan came to Virat with a sketch and asked for an autograph. Virat made his day by giving him an autograph.

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