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IPL 2024: What did Virat Kohli say on the impact player rule?

By Akshay - May 18, 2024 05:31 PM

There was a lot of discussion about the impact player rule in the IPL 2024 season. Indian captain and Mumbai Indians batsman Rohit Sharma was the first to disagree with this rule, after which the debate started regarding the impact player rule. There were some players who were in support of this rule. Now Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) batsman Virat Kohli has also jumped into this debate and has expressed his agreement with Rohit. It is known that this rule started from the last season of IPL.

IPL 2024: What did Virat Kohli say on the impact player rule?

Kohli said, 'I support Rohit. Entertainment is one aspect of the game but there must be a balance. This has upset the balance of the game and not just me but many people feel this way. A few days ago, Rohit had also said in a podcast that he is not a supporter of this rule because it is affecting all-rounders. Two veteran players of the Indian team are against this rule.

What did Kohli say about the bowlers?

In this season of IPL, more than 250 runs have been scored eight times and Kohli understands the pain of the bowlers. He said, the bowlers are thinking what to do. I have never seen bowlers thinking that they will give four or six runs on every ball. Not every team has Bumrah or Rashid Khan. Because of the extra batsman, I am playing at a strike rate of more than 200 in the powerplay because I know there is a batsman at number eight also. I believe that this kind of dominance should not exist in cricket at the top level. There should be equal balance between bat and ball.

Impact player rule may be reconsidered

Amidst the ongoing debate regarding the Impact Player rule, recently the statement of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Secretary Jai Shah had also come out in which he had said that this rule is not permanent and it can be reconsidered in future. Jay Shah had said that this rule has been implemented as an experiment so that two Indian players can get a chance in a match. Kohli said, I am sure Jai Bhai has said that he will review it and I am sure he will come to such a conclusion that balance can be maintained in the game. In cricket, only fours or sixes are not exciting. Winning by scoring 160 runs is also exciting.

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