Why is the color of Ramlala murti black?

By Akshay
January 24, 2024

Credit: Social Media

Black statue

The question arising in the minds of many people is why the idol of Ramlala is black in colour.


There is a description of the dark form of Lord Rama in Valmiki Ramayana.

Praise mantra of Shri Ram

Neelambuj Shyamal Komalangam Sitasamaropit Vambhagam. Panau Mahasayakacharuchapan Namami Ram Raghuvanshnatham.

He has black and soft limbs like a lotus, on whose left side sits Sita ji, who has a bow and arrow in his hand.

Shyam Shila

The idol of Ramlala has been made from Shyam Shila stone.

Age of Shyam Shila

The age of Shyam Shila is considered to be thousands of years.

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