The Best Running Shoes of 2024

By Akshay
January 14, 2024

Credit: Social Media

1. The Joomla men's supportive running shoes

These Joomra men's athletic-built kicks are priced at US$45 on the brand's website.

2. The Whitin barefoot trial-running shoes

These retro-inspired kicks are priced at US$41 on the brand's website.

3. The Saucony women's cohesion 14 road running shoe

These kicks are considered some of the best running shoes and are priced at US$64 on the brand website.

4. The Brook's launch 9 neutral running low-top sneakers

These running sneakers from Brook are priced at US$69 on the brand's website.

5. Puma Black-ignite Pink Aquamarine shoes

These running sneakers are priced at US$84 on the brand's website.

6. The Cloud Nova sneakers

These fashionable kicks retail for $153 at StockX.

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