Space X Starship rocket designed to carry 100 people to Mars

By Vipin
November 17, 2023

Starship 2 Launch

Walter Isaacson, author of the book Elon Musk's biography wrote, Starship is the most powerful rocket ever made. It’s designed to carry 100 people to Mars. It just received approvals . The liftoff will occur from Starbase, a SpaceX facility in South Texas.

starship 1 failure

This is a totally understandable take. For a general audience who sees NASA at work, an agency that can't afford to fail, this looks like failure. NASA failures often involve the loss of human life or billion-dollar satellites. So yeah, government explosions are bad.

Starship Mission Aim

Developing a Moon base to support future space exploration requires the transport of large amounts of cargo to the surface of the Moon. Starship is designed to carry these building blocks, further enabling research and human spaceflight development.

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