Space Hotel is going to Open Soon

By Vipin
November 28, 2023

Credit: Social Media

Space Hotel

Space hotels would accommodate more than just intergalactic travelers, but would also be suitable for business, manufacturing, and research. Voyager Station, Orbital Assembly’s first proposed space hotel

Voyager-class Space Station

The Voyager-class Space Station is Orbital Assembly Corporation's flagship project that will open in 2027. It will be offering luxury accommodations and unprecedented opportunities for leisure, research, entertainment, and manufacturing.

Pioneer Station

Pioneer-class stations will be the first habitable platforms capable of providing artificial gravity, unlocking unprecedented opportunities for research, tourism, and long-duration spaceflight.

You can also enjoy Zero Gravity

There will be an opportunity for a zero-gravity experience on Voyager as well, and the designs currently include plans for recreational activities such as basketball games where participants can soar higher due to the weightlessness of the environment. Perhaps only in outer space will LeBron James have competition.

How Many Price for per Person, Per trip

The space hotel isn’t commenting on its room rate, but comparing it to other proposed public space missions, it will likely come at a steep cost. For example, Virgin Galactic plans to launch ordinary passengers into space at $450,000 per person, per trip.

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