Players who have won the most matches for their country

By Ravi
January 13, 2024

Credit: Social Media

Rohit sharma

Match-149, Win-100, Lose-46, Tie-1, NR-2

Shoaib Malik

Match-124, Win-86, Lose-34, Tie-3, NR-1

Virat Kohli

Match-115, Win-73, Lose-37, Tie-2, NR-3

Mohammed Hafeez

Match-119, Win-70, Lose-43, Tie-2, NR-4

Mohammad Nabi

Match-113, Win-70, Lose-42, Tie-1, NR-0

Martin Guptill

Match-122, Win-68, Lose-46, Tie-6, NR-2

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