Mysterious lung disease spreading in China

By Vipin
November 27, 2023

Credit: Social Media

What is the respiratory disease spreading in China

Like Corona, China is also not releasing data regarding this disease. WHO has asked the Chinese government several times about this disease. The Chinese official authority is calling this disease mysterious pneumonia.

Why is this mysterious disease spreading rapidly in China

One reason for the worsening conditions in China could also be the zero Covid policy implemented there during the Corona period. Due to the strictness imposed at that time, immunity could not develop in many children. They remained confined to their homes.

Is this a disease spread only in children or can it happen to anyone

The immunity of children is weak, hence this disease is affecting children. This does not mean that this is a disease spreading only among children. Whoever has weak immunity, this disease will make him its victim.

Can this disease spread from one person to another

Yes, this disease spreads from one person to another. This disease spreads by coming in contact with a patient suffering from this disease. This is the reason why the possibility of this disease spreading is increasing.

Can this disease spread to India or other countries also

Some cases have also been reported from China's neighboring country Vietnam. It is clearly visible that the disease is spreading. In such a situation, the possibility cannot be ruled out that this disease can spread to other countries also.

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