Most Expensive Vegetables In The World

By Vipin
January 09, 2024

Credit: Social Media

1. Matsutake Mushrooms

RS -1.5 lakh/KG, Matsutake mushrooms (‌Tricholoma matsutake) are an edible mushroom highly valued in Japanese and Asian cultures

2. Hops Shoots

Rs- 85,000/KG, Hop shoots also known as Hops or Humulus lupulus is a species of flowering plant in the hemp family Cannabaceae

3. Pink Lettuce

$10 per pound, The pink lettuce is till now only grown in Italy and the state of California in the US and is technically chicory

4. Wasabi Root

RS -625/KG, Wasabi root (actually rhizome) is shipped trimmed as shown with approximately 2 inches of stem and no roots

5. Spanish Peas

RS -250/KG, How a Spanish farmer turned a humble legume into a $350 a pound superstar

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