ICC Test Ranking: ICC test ranking of all teams

By Akshay
March 11, 2024

Credit: Social Media

Zimbabwe is at number 10 in the Test rankings with 32 ratings.

Bangladesh is at number 9 in test ranking with 51 rating.

In the Test rankings, Sri Lanka is at number 8 with 79 ratings.

In the Test rankings, West Indies is at number 7 with 81 rating.

Pakistan is at sixth position in Test ranking with 89 rating.

South Africa has 2671 points and is ranked 5th in the Test rankings with a rating of 99.

New Zealand has 2939 points, New Zealand is at fourth place with 101 rating.

England has recently suffered a crushing defeat from India. England has 5443 points and is in third place with 111 ratings.

Australia has 4345 points and is in second place with 117 ratings.

India is at first place in all three formats. India has 4636 points in the test and is on top with 122 rating.

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