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Best electric motor bikes

By Uday - September 16, 2023 01:54 AM

One common misconception about buying electric motorcycles is that their price tags are generally higher than those powered by fossil fuels. There’s a bit of truth to that since electric bikes are relatively new to the public audience.

Besides, some of the sports and off-road e-bikes are pricier than their gas-powered counterparts.

Thankfully, there are now many innovative companies all over the world that manufacture cheaper e-bikes without compromising a lot in performance and aesthetics.

If you are looking to buy the best cheapest electric motorcycles for sale, we have a list you can use below.

Best Cheapest Electric Motorcycles For Sale


Whether NIU N-GT appears like a scooter or not, it is still considered an electric motorcycle. Priced at $4,500, you will get a decent-performing e-bike with an electric motor that is power rated at 3.5 kW and has a maximum torque of 138 N-m.

With that capability, the bike can go as fast as 80 km/h.

The battery module contains twin Lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 2.1 kW-h each. If the bike reaches full charge, you can take it for a ride up to a distance of 140 km. However, some reports indicated that the range is only 106 km. Still, it can be enough for commuting purposes.

The downside of NIU N-GT is its battery charging rate. A full charge can take approximately 3.5 hours to finish. In countries like the UK, there is a government grant that can help you own this e-bike.

Ultraviolette F77

For a price tag of $4,000, you can own an Ultraviolette F77. This Indian-made electric motorcycle is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very reliable.

It comes in three modes: the “Eco” mode which has a range of 261 km, the “Normal” mode with a range of around 200 km, and the “Sports” mode with a range of just 171 km.

Its permanent magnet AC motor has a power rated at 2.5 kW and a max torque of 100 N-m. That is enough to help the bike attain a top speed of 147 km/h. The energy that this bike draws from is a set of 3 Lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 10.3 kW-h.

Unfortunately, the consequence is its long charging time which takes up to 5 hours before fully charged.

The navigation system of this electric motorcycle is quite impressive too. The controls and interface are very manageable and there are multiple ways to connect with other systems. It is capable of connecting the USB ports or through wireless means such as Bluetooth and WiFi.

Denzel ECR V1

If you like cafe racers, or motorcycles that are convenient to customize, then you have to check out Denzel ECR V1. If you can afford to pay $3,900, then you will have a classy e-bike that can reach a top speed of 100 km/h and has a range of 150 km.

The numbers are possible thanks to its 7.5-kW mid-drive motor.

The e-bike has many amazing features too, such as the usage of Lithium Iron Phosphate cells for its battery module and the integration of an intelligent BMS system. Additionally, charging the 3.6 kW-h battery module up to 80% can only take about 2 hours.

CSC City Slicker

The CSC City Slicker definitely looks slick even though it has a price tag of only $2,800. The e-bike looks fun to ride with its motocross-like design. However, the performance may seem a bit below compared to the usual bikes used in motocross.

The reason for that is it can only reach a top speed of 75 km/h and a range of 50 km. Despite that, the e-bike is still great for a casual commute. Its 1.9-kW-h battery is energy-efficient.

KM 4000

The cheapest e-bike in this list is the Indian-made KM 4000. It has a price tag of only $1,900. Nevertheless, this electric motorcycle is not to be underestimated. It has a range of 150 km, a top speed of 120 km/h, and a powerful 8-kW motor.

Its battery has a capacity of 4.4 kW-h and can be charged up to 80% in just under an hour. What seems to be the catch? The e-bike is difficult to repair since most major parts are non-removable.

Great Alternatives that Cost a Little Bit More

Tromox Pesgo one

If none of the e-bikes above fits your taste, then Tromox Pesgo one might be the one you’re looking for. This electric motorcycle under $5000. Cheap pricey compared to the ones mentioned above, but after learning about its features, you’ll understand the difference.

The Pesgo one is an excellent all-rounder. You can ride it for casual use or you can go to off-road adventures with it. Equipped with a high-performing motor that has a power of 800W and a torque of 120 N-m, you can certainly go to many places. The bike can even manage slopes with elevation reaching up to 22 degrees.

The top speed of Pesgo one is around 60 km/h and its range is 80 km. However, those things are not the best part. Its selling point is its award-winning design, not only for the exterior but overall.

The said motorcycle is designed with smart technology integrated. Therefore, what your smartphones can do, this e-bike is capable of a number of them.

Sondors Metacycle

The Sondors Metacycle is also an all-around e-bike. It was priced at $5,000 initially but presently, it increased to $6,500. This e-bike is great for casual touring and commuting. It has a top speed of 130 km/h and a range of 130 km.

Its slim frame can carry a 4-kW-hr battery.


The electric motor bikes listed above are ranked according to price only. In terms of performance, that will definitely change. If you don’t like the five cheap electric motorcycles for sale above, you can choose other great alternatives like the Tromox Ukko S and Sondors Metacycle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are electric motor bikes?

Electric motor bikes or electric motorcycles are two-wheeled vehicles powered by electric motors instead of traditional internal combustion engines.

Why should I buy an electric motor bike?

Electric motor bikes have several advantages, including zero emissions, lower operating costs, reduced noise pollution, and often quicker acceleration.

Are electric motor bikes suitable for long-distance travel?

Some times Yes, many electric motor bikes are designed for long-distance riding, and with the growing charging infrastructure, they are becoming more practical for extended trips.

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