IPL 2020 Schedule, Pitch Report & Dream11 Prediction

IPL 2020 Schedule

Dream11 IPL Time Table, Teams, Fixtures & Dream 11 Prediction

Mumbai Indians Mumbai IndiansMI Chennai Super KingsCSK Chennai Super Kings
Delhi Capitals Delhi CapitalsDC Kings XI PunjabKXIP Kings XI Punjab
Royal Challengers Bangalore Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB Kolkata Knight RidersKKR Kolkata Knight Riders
Sunrisers Hyderabad Sunrisers HyderabadSRH Rajasthan RoyalsRR Rajasthan Royals

IPL set to be played from Sep 19 To Nov 10, 2020 in UAE


1 SATURDAYSAT 7:30 PM 19-Sep-2020 Mumbai IndiansMI Chennai Super KingsCSK ABU DHABI
2 SUNDAYSUN 7:30 PM 20-Sep-2020 Delhi CapitalsDC Kings XI PunjabKXIP DUBAI
3 MONDAYMON 7:30 PM 21-Sep-2020 Sunrisers HyderabadSRH Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB DUBAI
4 TUESDAYTUE 7:30 PM 22-Sep-2020 Rajasthan RoyalsRR Chennai Super KingsCSK SHARJAH
5 WEDNESDAYWED 7:30 PM 23-Sep-2020 Kolkata Knight RidersKKR Mumbai IndiansMI ABU DHABI
6 THURSDAYTHU 7:30 PM 24-Sep-2020 Kings XI PunjabKXIP Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB DUBAI
7 FRIDAYFRI 7:30 PM 25-Sep-2020 Chennai Super KingsCSK Delhi CapitalsDC DUBAI
8 SATURDAYSAT 7:30 PM 26-Sep-2020 Kolkata Knight RidersKKR Sunrisers HyderabadSRH ABU DHABI
9 SUNDAYSUN 7:30 PM 27-Sep-2020 Rajasthan RoyalsRR Kings XI PunjabKXIP SHARJAH
10 MONDAYMON 7:30 PM 28-Sep-2020 Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB Mumbai IndiansMI DUBAI
11 TUESDAYTUE 7:30 PM 29-Sep-2020 Delhi CapitalsDC Sunrisers HyderabadSRH ABU DHABI
12 WEDNESDAYWED 7:30 PM 30-Sep-2020 Rajasthan RoyalsRR Kolkata Knight RidersKKR DUBAI
13 THURSDAYTHU 7:30 PM 01-Oct-2020 Kings XI PunjabKXIP Mumbai IndiansMI ABU DHABI
14 FRIDAYFRI 7:30 PM 02-Oct-2020 Chennai Super KingsCSK Sunrisers HyderabadSRH DUBAI
15 SATURDAYSAT 3:30 PM 03-Oct-2020 Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB Rajasthan RoyalsRR ABU DHABI
16 SATURDAYSAT 7:30 PM 03-Oct-2020 Delhi CapitalsDC Kolkata Knight RidersKKR SHARJAH
17 SUNDAYSUN 3:30 PM 04-Oct-2020 Mumbai IndiansMI Sunrisers HyderabadSRH SHARJAH
18 SUNDAYSUN 7:30 PM 04-Oct-2020 Kings XI PunjabKXIP Chennai Super KingsCSK DUBAI
19 MONDAYMON 7:30 PM 05-Oct-2020 Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB Delhi CapitalsDC DUBAI
20 TUESDAYTUE 7:30 PM 06-Oct-2020 Mumbai IndiansMI Rajasthan RoyalsRR ABU DHABI
21 WEDNESDAYWED 7:30 PM 07-Oct-2020 Kolkata Knight RidersKKR Chennai Super KingsCSK ABU DHABI
22 THURSDAYTHU 7:30 PM 08-Oct-2020 Sunrisers HyderabadSRH Kings XI PunjabKXIP DUBAI
23 FRIDAYFRI 7:30 PM 09-Oct-2020 Rajasthan RoyalsRR Delhi CapitalsDC SHARJAH
24 SATURDAYSAT 3:30 PM 10-Oct-2020 Kings XI PunjabKXIP Kolkata Knight RidersKKR ABU DHABI
25 SATURDAYSAT 7:30 PM 10-Oct-2020 Chennai Super KingsCSK Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB DUBAI
26 SUNDAYSUN 3:30 PM 11-Oct-2020 Sunrisers HyderabadSRH Rajasthan RoyalsRR DUBAI
27 SUNDAYSUN 7:30 PM 11-Oct-2020 Mumbai IndiansMI Delhi CapitalsDC ABU DHABI
28 MONDAYMON 7:30 PM 12-Oct-2020 Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB Kolkata Knight RidersKKR SHARJAH
29 TUESDAYTUE 7:30 PM 13-Oct-2020 Sunrisers HyderabadSRH Chennai Super KingsCSK DUBAI
30 WEDNESDAYWED 7:30 PM 14-Oct-2020 Delhi CapitalsDC Rajasthan RoyalsRR DUBAI
31 THURSDAYTHU 7:30 PM 15-Oct-2020 Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB Kings XI PunjabKXIP SHARJAH
32 FRIDAYFRI 7:30 PM 16-Oct-2020 Mumbai IndiansMI Kolkata Knight RidersKKR ABU DHABI
33 SATURDAYSAT 3:30 PM 17-Oct-2020 Rajasthan RoyalsRR Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB DUBAI
34 SATURDAYSAT 7:30 PM 17-Oct-2020 Delhi CapitalsDC Chennai Super KingsCSK SHARJAH
35 SUNDAYSUN 3:30 PM 18-Oct-2020 Sunrisers HyderabadSRH Kolkata Knight RidersKKR ABU DHABI
36 SUNDAYSUN 7:30 PM 18-Oct-2020 Mumbai IndiansMI Kings XI PunjabKXIP DUBAI
37 MONDAYMON 7:30 PM 19-Oct-2020 Chennai Super KingsCSK Rajasthan RoyalsRR ABU DHABI
38 TUESDAYTUE 7:30 PM 20-Oct-2020 Kings XI PunjabKXIP Delhi CapitalsDC DUBAI
39 WEDNESDAYWED 7:30 PM 21-Oct-2020 Kolkata Knight RidersKKR Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB ABU DHABI
40 THURSDAYTHU 7:30 PM 22-Oct-2020 Rajasthan RoyalsRR Sunrisers HyderabadKXIP DUBAI
41 FRIDAYFRI 7:30 PM 23-Oct-2020 Chennai Super KingsCSK Mumbai IndiansMI SHARJAH
42 SATURDAYSAT 3:30 PM 24-Oct-2020 Kolkata Knight RidersKKR Delhi CapitalsDC ABU DHABI
43 SATURDAYSAT 7:30 PM 24-Oct-2020 Kings XI PunjabKXIP Sunrisers HyderabadSRH DUBAI
44 SUNDAYSUN 3:30 PM 25-Oct-2020 Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB Chennai Super KingsCSK DUBAI
45 SUNDAYSUN 7:30 PM 25-Oct-2020 Rajasthan RoyalsRR Mumbai IndiansMI ABU DHABI
46 MONDAYMON 7:30 PM 26-Oct-2020 Kolkata Knight RidersKKR Kings XI PunjabKXIP SHARJAH
47 TUESDAYTUE 7:30 PM 27-Oct-2020 Sunrisers HyderabadSRH Delhi CapitalsDC DUBAI
48 WEDNESDAYWED 7:30 PM 28-Oct-2020 Mumbai IndiansMI Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB ABU DHABI
49 THURSDAYTHU 7:30 PM 29-Oct-2020 Chennai Super KingsCSK Kolkata Knight RidersKKR DUBAI
50 FRIDAYFRI 7:30 PM 30-Oct-2020 Kings XI PunjabKXIP Rajasthan RoyalsRR ABU DHABI
51 SATURDAYSAT 3:30 PM 31-Oct-2020 Delhi CapitalsDC Mumbai IndiansMI DUBAI
52 SATURDAYSAT 7:30 PM 31-Oct-2020 Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB Sunrisers HyderabadSRH SHARJAH
53 SUNDAYSUN 3:30 PM 01-Nov-2020 Chennai Super KingsCSK Kings XI PunjabKXIP ABU DHABI
54 SUNDAYSUN 7:30 PM 01-Nov-2020 Kolkata Knight RidersKKR Rajasthan RoyalsRR DUBAI
55 MONDAYMON 7:30 PM 02-Nov-2020 Delhi CapitalsDC Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB ABU DHABI
56 TUESDAYTUE 7:30 PM 03-Nov-2020 Sunrisers HyderabadSRH Mumbai IndiansMI SHARJAH
57 TBD 7:30 PM TBD Qualifier-1Qua-1 - UAE
58 TBD 7:30 PM TBD EliminatorElim. - UAE
59 TBD 7:30 PM TBD Qualifier-2Qua-2 - UAE
60 TUESDAYTUE 7:30 PM 10-Nov-2020 Final - UAE

All IPL matches will be played in 3 stadium of United Arab Emirates (DUBAI):

  1. Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium - Abu Dhabi
  2. Dubai International Stadium - Dubai
  3. Sharjah Cricket Stadium - Sharjah
  4. All IPL matches will be played in evening 18:00 UAE LOCAL Time, 19:30 IST (14:00 GMT)
  5. Saturday and Sunday, There will be 2 matches. First match will be played 14:00 UAE LOCAL Time, 15:30 IST (10:00 GMT)

Keep in touch, we will update the full schedule timing, pitch report and News for Indian Premier League fixtures.

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